Joe Biden
Rodean la Casa Blanca en protesta por el apoyo a Israel

Cien mil personas descendieron a Washington DC para rodear la Casa Blanca con una “línea roja” de kilómetros de largo, y luego formaron un “Tribunal Popular” para juzgar a Biden y Netanyahu por genocidio.

The People’s Red Line sends a strong message to White House: stop the genocide now!

Tens of thousands formed a people’s red line for Palestine around the White House against Joe Biden administration’s active role in the genocide in Gaza.

61% in US are against sending aid to Israel

The movement for Palestine in the US has mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to oppose the US policy of unshakable support for Israel. Last Saturday, 100,000 surrounded the White House as part of the “people’s red line” against genocide

100,000 form “red line” around White House to protest US support of Israel

A hundred thousand people descended upon Washington DC to surround the White House with a miles-long “red line”, later forming a “People’s Court” to try Biden and Netanyahu for genocide

China, Russia and Iran call on the West to restore nuclear deal

The US unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 and immediately imposed stringent sanctions on Iran, making all possibilities of JCPOA revival difficult

Biden shuts down US-Mexico border

Border shutdown will go into effect immediately, barring asylum seekers from entering the United States

Tens of thousands to surround White House on June 8 in protest of Rafah invasion

The people of the United States challenge Biden’s complicity in the Israeli genocide in Gaza, demand Biden end aid to Israel

Mohammed Nabulsi on the strategy of the movement for Palestine in the belly of the beast

Mohammed Nabulsi of the Palestinian Youth Movement lays out the primary tactics, strategy, and targets of the movement for Palestine

Doctors Against Genocide is bringing medicine back to the side of humanity

Peoples Dispatch spoke to leaders in Doctors Against Genocide, who outlined the responsibilities of medical professionals in stopping the genocide in Gaza

Biden to send one billion dollars in arms to Israel

Despite statements from US officials suggesting otherwise, the United States’ unconditional support of Israel continues in the face of ongoing genocide

US acknowledges that Israel likely used its weapons to violate international law

The Biden administration’s recent statements on Israel’s aggression in Gaza may seem significant, but Israel policy shows no significant changes

Will Israel start a regional war?

There is only one way to remove the threat of regional war breaking out: end the genocide in Gaza