Unprovoked Israeli aggression in Syria leaves two civilians dead and seven wounded

Despite Lebanon raising the issue of Israel’s continued violation of its airspace to carry out such attacks inside Syria, no action has been initiated by the UN Security Council so far

November 24, 2021 by Peoples Dispatch
Photo: Al Mayadeen

At least two civilians were killed and seven others wounded in an Israeli missile attack on the central Syrian province of Homs early on Wednesday, November 24. The official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that the Syrian air defense was able to intercept most of the missiles, avoiding greater impact.  

According to SANA, six out of the seven wounded persons are members of the Syrian military and one is a civilian. It claimed that the attacks were carried out from across the Lebanese border from the south of Beirut, which amounts to violating Lebanese air space. The time of the attack was recorded to be around 1:30 am.

This is the second such instance of Israeli aggression this month. On November 17, a couple of Israeli missiles fell on a vacant building near the Syrian capital Damascus without causing any casualties. The missiles were fired from the Syrian Golan Heights, which has been under Israeli occupation since 1973.  

Lebanon has raised the issue of Israeli aggression and violation of its airspace several times in the past at the UNSC. However, no action has been initiated against Israel so far. According to local news sources, the Israeli air force carried out at least six violations of the Lebanese airspace on Tuesday, November 23.  

In violation of Syrian sovereignty and international laws, Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes inside the war-ravaged country causing several casualties and significant material damage. Most such attacks go unacknowledged. Whenever Israel acknowledges such attacks, it claims them to be defensive against the alleged Iranian build up in Syria. 

Iran and its ally Hezbollah have been supporting the Syrian government against the rebel forces in the ongoing war in the country. The Syrian government has accused Israel of aiding the rebel forces in order to prolong the war by carrying out attacks on government forces and civilians.  

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