Lee Camp on censoring anti-war voices

As the world moves dangerously close to global violent conflict, anti-war journalists have been banned and censored in Europe and the US. One of these banned voices, Lee Camp, discusses the development and why it is so dangerous

April 05, 2022 by Peoples Dispatch

In the last month, dozens of journalists have seen their work censored, banned, and deleted from different digital platforms. This wave of censorship, which has also seen major outlets such as RT America shutting down operations, has been justified by Western countries as a crackdown on the spreading of fake news and misinformation amid the ongoing war on Ukraine.

Lee Camp, one of the many anti-war voices who was banned and censored without notice, has been speaking out about the brazen attacks on freedom of press, right to information, and freedom of expression. Camp spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the dangerous precedent set by these actions and about the pressing need for existence of anti-imperialist, anti-war media.