Massive mobilizations continue across Europe in solidarity with Palestine

Large sections of people across Europe including progressive, working-class, and anti-imperialist groups continue to mobilize in solidarity with Palestine

October 24, 2023 by Peoples Dispatch
40,000 people mobilized in Brussels, Belgium on Sunday October 22. Photo: Rodrigo Suñé

While many governments across Europe continue to support Israel and impose restrictions on pro-Palestine demonstrations, more and more people flock to the streets in solidarity with Palestine. Major mobilizations have already taken place in the cities of Dublin, Amsterdam, Athens, Madrid, Oslo, and Lisbon, and in various cities across Italy, and Sweden.

As the death toll in Gaza has crossed 5,700, including over 2,000 children, mobilizations are set to grow and intensify, especially as European officials double down on their position in support of Israel.

On October 21, around 300,000 people joined a massive demonstration in London as part of the National March for Palestine called by various groups, including Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK. Earlier, on October 14, more than 100,000 people turned up for pro-Palestine demonstrations in various cities across the UK, denouncing Israeli war crimes in Gaza and demanding immediate cessation of Israeli bombings and freedom for Palestine from Israeli occupation. 

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On October 22, the Belgian capital city of Brussels also witnessed a massive mobilization in support of the Palestine cause called by a coalition of trade unions, human rights groups, and political parties including the Workers Party of Belgium (PTB/PVDA). Organizers estimated that around 40,000 people participated.

On October 22, the Workers’ Party of Belgium called a demonstration to “Stop the massacres in Gaza,” stating, “We were 40,000 people in the streets of Brussels and in front of the European institutions in Schuman Square in Sunday, at the call of a wide platform of Belgian organizations and the Palestinian organizations. As everywhere in the world, the demands are clear: an end to the Gaza siege, an immediate ceasefire, respect for international law, and an end to the occupation. Our governments and the European Union must stop standing behind Israel and the United States.”