Sevim Dağdelen on the historic lies of NATO

Peoples Dispatch spoke to German MP Sevim Dağdelen, author of new book “NATO: A Reckoning with the Atlantic Alliance”

Will the New Popular Front resist Macron’s pressure and nominate a prime minister?

A week after the legislative elections, France remains in a state of uncertainty as Emmanuel Macron delays recognizing the election results and the Socialist Party hinders the nomination of the New Popular Front’s prime ministerial candidate

Should health workers work with counter terrorism agencies?

NHS staff pulled into counter-terrorism programs, raising alarms over patient care and professional ethics

Macron alleges “nobody won” French elections, sparking ire

In a letter to voters, Emmanuel Macron appears to downplay the results of the general election in France and stated that “nobody won”

London calls on incoming Labour government to end Israel’s genocide in Gaza

July 6 was the 16th national march which took place in London since the genocide in Gaza began on October 7.

Macron delays mandate for New Popular Front

Emmanuel Macron is avoiding acknowledging the defeat of his liberal camp in the general election, delaying the mandate for the New Popular Front to form a government

New Popular Front poised to win second round of elections in France

Polls predict that the left-progressive alliance New Popular Front will secure the most seats after the conclusion of the second round of the general election in France

Jeremy Corbyn wins Islington North as independent; Labour secures victory in general election

Labour secures landslide victory in UK general election, but triumph marred by centrist program and stance on Gaza

Far-right surge or status quo? Understanding the 2024 European elections

Last month’s European Parliament elections did not bring about the ultimate breakthrough of the far right as some had feared. They are gaining influence though, especially because the lines between them and forces in the political center are blurring. Consequently, we will have to look to the left to stop their surge.

Labour Party set to win the UK election, but what does this mean for the people?

All polls indicate an unprecedented victory for Keir Starmer’s Labour in the upcoming election, but questions remain about what will happen next

Shanghai Cooperation Organization convenes 24th council meeting in Kazakhstan

The 24th annual summit of the SCO is expected to focus on strengthening regional security and stability, economic and trade cooperation

Foreign recruitment of nurses Germany, Brazil
Health worker brain drain to global north is fueled by erosion of workers’ rights and health systems

Over a dozen organizations from across Europe met to develop a regional health workforce strategy rooted in respect and solidarity, rather than exploitation and commodification