Blockade of Gaza
Israel’s blocking of aid to Gaza is a weapon in its brutal war against Palestinians

Israel has defied ICJ’s interim verdict as well as a UN Security Council resolution calling for increased access to aid. It has instead deliberately blocking aid, causing a massive humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Ghanaians mobilize in solidarity with Palestine and to demand a ceasefire in Gaza

The protest in Kumasi, along with the demonstrations taking place across Ghana, serves as an important reminder of the urgent need for a ceasefire

Hundreds of thousands in Gaza at risk of starvation and disease

As the war enters its 109th day, the death toll in Gaza stands at nearly 25,500 Palestinians killed, along with close to 63,500 injured

Israel on trial: Historic days in The Hague

Egyptian journalist Mahmoud Elenani was in The Hague when South Africa presented its case against Israel to the ICJ, this is his account of those days when history was made

Israel is destroying Gaza’s food system and weaponizing food, say UN experts

In a joint statement UN experts state that Israel has deliberately destroyed all basic facilities and blocked access to water, food, and medicine for most of the Palestinians in Gaza

South Africa takes Israel to ICJ for crime of genocide in Gaza

South Africa has urged the court to issue urgent interim measures including an immediate suspension of Israeli military aggression in and against Gaza.

71% of Gazans are suffering from extreme hunger

Israel uses hunger as a weapon to collectively punish Palestinians in Gaza, says Geneva-based human rights group

Bassam Al-Salhi of the Palestinian People’s Party says war on Gaza has revealed fascist nature of Israel and the West

Despite the brutal atrocities committed by Israel in the last two months of its war on Gaza, Western countries, especially the United States, have remained firm in their support

New Yorkers march on Wall St. to demand an end to US funding of Israel

Protesters marched in the heart of big business to demand that the US stop funding Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians

Internationally beloved academic, poet, and activist Dr. Refaat Alareer killed by Israel

The professor at University of Gaza and co-founder of “We are Not Numbers” refused to evacuate northern Gaza as demanded by Israelis and continued to report about the Palestinian resilience during the war

Antonio Guterres invokes Article 99 of UN Charter, urges UNSC to prevent further humanitarian crisis in Gaza

The UN and other aid groups warned of the grave humanitarian crisis, with virtually no safe places for civilians and medical supplies running critically low

NYC vigils honors the over 15,000 Palestinian martyrs killed by Israel in Gaza

Demonstrators have organized this vigil as part of the “Shut It Down for Palestine” campaign, determined to disrupt business as usual as long as there is no permanent ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza.