Gaza is at the heart of the anti-imperialist struggle

Yara Shoufani of the Palestinian Youth Movement spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the rising tide of the Palestine solidarity movement across North America

November 09, 2023 by Peoples Dispatch

On November 4, 300,000 people marched in Washington, DC, from the Freedom Plaza to the White House, in the largest Palestine solidarity demonstration in US history. The unprecedented demonstration comes in the wake of Israel’s ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip, which has just surpassed 10,000 casualties. This 300,000 strong march occurred in the heart of Israel’s most significant backer, the United States, despite the fact that people in the country have been faced with various forms of persecution for supporting Palestine.

To discuss the importance of this moment of a rising tide of solidarity and what it means for the Palestinian struggle, Peoples Dispatch spoke to Yara Shoufani, an organizer with the Palestinian Youth Movement based in Toronto.