ANSWER coalition
The People’s Red Line sends a strong message to White House: stop the genocide now!

Tens of thousands formed a people’s red line for Palestine around the White House against Joe Biden administration’s active role in the genocide in Gaza.

NYC shows up for Palestine in the pouring rain

Peoples Dispatch was on the ground in New York City on March 2, when 50,000 people marched to demand an end to Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Self-immolation of Aaron Bushnell an “indicator…of the profound change in consciousness in the United States”

People across the world have highlighted the bravery and sacrifice of the US active duty soldier who was protesting the genocide in Gaza

New Yorkers march on Wall St. to demand an end to US funding of Israel

Protesters marched in the heart of big business to demand that the US stop funding Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians

Profit-making holiday “Black Friday”, interrupted by mass mobilizations calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

Across the United States, thousands disrupted retail shopping on the widely profitable “Black Friday” consumer holiday

Demands grow for a permanent ceasefire

Palestine solidarity and anti-imperialist organizations raise demands following the announcement of a 4-day pause in aggression in Gaza

No more business as usual: the world shuts it down for Palestine

Demonstrators showed solidarity with Palestinians, undergoing a genocide in the Gaza Strip, by occupying mainstream media centers, shuttering businesses, and more

Solidarity activists to stage mass shutdowns for Palestine

Palestinian and anti-imperialist organizations have called for a second day of action for Palestine as casualties of Israel’s genocide surpass 11,500

People across the globe disrupt “business as usual” for Palestine

International actions organized in solidarity with Palestine demanded an end to the Israeli genocide in Gaza and an end to all aid to Israel

Gaza is at the heart of the anti-imperialist struggle

Yara Shoufani of the Palestinian Youth Movement spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the rising tide of the Palestine solidarity movement across North America

Organizations across the globe to coordinate planned disruptions as part of “Shut it down for Palestine”

As Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip escalates, Palestine solidarity organizations are collaborating to interrupt business as usual. A host of actions are being planned in the United States

500,000 march in Washington, DC for Palestine

Hundreds of thousands of people in the US marched on Saturday for the liberation of Palestine from Israeli occupation and to decry the support of their government for Israel