176 years since the Communist Manifesto was published, socialists around the world celebrate “Red Books Day”

Socialists across the globe in countries such as India, Brazil, and the United States celebrate the Manifesto and all “Red Books” that shaped the world

US vetoes Algerian resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

All UNSC members voted in favor of the ceasefire resolution, save the US’s veto and the United Kingdom’s abstention

WHO EB endorses Global Health and Peace Initiative, calls for continued strengthening and financing surge

Members of WHO’s Executive Board endorsed the Global Health and Peace Initiative, opening the door for more discussion on peacemaking role of health around the world

ICJ begins hearing on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine

At the beginning of the week-long hearing Palestinians accused Israel of practicing apartheid and racial discrimination and demanded the end of the over five decade old occupation

At UNSC meeting, US lambasted for attacks on Iraq and Syria

While terming the US attacks as violations of international law and a reckless provocation, several UN member-states highlighted its support for the Israeli genocide in Gaza as the root of conflict in the region

“The terrorist is the Zionist occupation,” says Palestinian resistance leader

Read Brian Becker’s exclusive interview with Haytham Abdo, a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The International Court of Justice censures Israel for its genocidal war

The ICJ ruling on South Africa’s case against Israel marked a crucial victory for the Palestine solidarity movement and laid out Israel’s war crimes for the whole world to see

Western countries punish UNRWA for work in Gaza Strip

A set of Western countries, including the US and Germany, announced they would cease funding UN’s agency for Palestine refugees as famine looms over Gaza

After expelling Palestinian workers, Israel turns to the Global South for labor

Israel has thus far signed agreements with Kenya and Malawi to bring in workers to its agricultural sector, which has otherwise relied on Palestinian and Thai migrant labor

New round of Universal Health Coverage policies lies ahead despite missed targets

The WHO Executive Board is poised to propose enhanced Universal Health Coverage policies despite disappointing outcomes. UHC-based policies are failing in achieving the goals of increased access to healthcare and financial protection from health expenditure

Will WHO members seize the moment to fight against inequities?

The WHO’s Executive Board is meeting for its 154th session in Geneva from January 22-27. Countries are edging towards the set deadline for finalizing the Pandemic Treaty, yet much more remains to be discussed

Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza not acceptable, says UN Chief

Participants in the UN Security Council highlighted need for a ceasefire in Gaza and a long term solution to the Palestinian question as necessary for peace