Ansar Allah
Regional resistance continue its support to the Palestinian people as Israeli war completes six months

The forces part of the regional Axis of Resistance continue to launch attacks on Israel and its allies despite retaliatory attacks

China, Russia, Iran naval drills challenge US domination of the seas

The naval exercise carried out by the three countries was noteworthy given the geostrategic importance of the Gulf of Oman and the increased cooperation between the countries at a time of growing threats from the United States

Ansar Allah announces expansion of attacks on Israel-bound ships to all of Indian Ocean

A leader of the Ansar Allah movement criticized the US for providing weapons to Israel’s genocidal war and held airdropping aid to Gaza as insulting to Palestinians

Hezbollah chief holds US responsible for genocide of Palestinians

Nasrallah called the demand for a permanent ceasefire along with complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza a collective demand of the Axis of Resistance

Massive demonstration in Rome calls for ceasefire in Gaza

Communists accused the opposition parties in the Italian parliament of being complicit in Giorgia Meloni-led government’s policy of dragging Italy into imperialist conflicts.

Ansar Allah attacks yet another commercial ship in the Gulf of Aden, reiterates demand for ceasefire

Three crew members were killed in the attacks carried out after Barbados flagged bulk carrier Truce Confidence ignored repeated warnings to turn back

Israel escalates aggression against southern Lebanon

Over 260 people have been killed by Israeli strikes inside Lebanon since October 8. Hezbollah retaliations have forced hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers to vacate from northern Israel

Yemeni forces attack US ship trying to cross Red Sea, Hezbollah retaliates Israeli strikes

The regional resistance to Israeli war in Gaza and US support to it has continued despite US attacks in various countries in the region including Yemen, Iraq and Syria

Latest US strike in Iraq kills senior commander of Kataib Hezbollah and two others

The strike provoked spontaneous protests against the US and intensified the demands of immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops. Iraqi resistance announced they will continue to attack US bases in the region

US and UK carry out dozens of airstrikes in Yemen

The US and UK have intensified strikes against Ansarallah in Yemen after having targeted resistance groups in Iraq and Syria. This is despite the US stating that it wants to avoid a regional escalation of Israel’s war on Gaza

What’s behind Ethiopia’s overtures toward recognition of Somaliland?

At a time when Israel’s shipping through Red Sea has been blocked by Ansarallah in Yemen, control over the coast of Somaliland to its south across the Gulf of Aden, has become strategically crucial for Western powers, Elias Amare, former editor of HOA TV, told Peoples Dispatch in an interview

US and Israel face fresh attacks from Iraqi and Yemeni resistance over the war in Gaza

US bases in Iraq and Syria have been hit with over 150 attacks since October 7 in response to its military and political backing of Israel’s genocide in Gaza, prompting talks of their withdrawal