Thousands march in Tunis for Palestine

Amid the escalation of violence against Palestinians in Gaza, Palestine solidarity groups and left parties in Tunisia have organized several mass mobilizations

EU-Tunisia migrant deal
EU releases funds to Tunisia as part of controversial migrant deal

Human Rights Watch says that the migrant deal will make the EU complicit in the human rights violations committed by the Tunisian security forces as they try and prevent migrants and asylum seekers from reaching Europe

Bassem Trifi: The struggle for human rights is essential for liberation

The President of the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights highlights the centrality of the fight for human rights to liberation in the Arab and Maghreb region

Former Tunisian prime minister and opposition leader released after interrogation

His detention and that of other Ennahda movement members come amid an escalation of repression against opposition forces in the country by President Kais Saied

Tunisia Cybercrime law Kais Saied
Tunisian government announces more measures to restrict online content

The Tunisian president and several ministries announced plans to restrict social media and online content which is determined to be “harming the country’s interests”

Tunisia bakery union protest
Tunisian authorities arrest bakers’ union chief as bread crisis continues

The arrest comes in the aftermath of the government revoking flour subsidy to 1,500 bakeries amid a severe bread shortage in the country, leading to protests and suspension of production

Migrant deaths Libya Tunisia
At least 27 migrants expelled from Tunisia found dead in Libyan desert

Xenophobic violence against Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia has skyrocketed following the president’s comments that their presence is unwanted

On second anniversary of ‘Presidential coup,’ Tunisians resolve to continue resistance

President Kais Saied, despite enjoying absolute power for the last two years, has done little to improve the economic and social situation as the people struggle with high inflation, poverty, unemployment, and acute shortages of basic food items. Meanwhile, he has concentrated power and repressed opposition

Leftist parties condemn EU-Tunisia agreement to curb migration

The Workers’ Party of Tunisia and the Italian leftist party Potere al Popolo said that Tunisia’s deal with the EU on migration and an upcoming agreement with the IMF are a “perfect pact between liberalism, authoritarianism and xenophobia” 

Law on fake news Tunisia
Decree on fake news used to silence political dissent in Tunisia, claims rights group

President Kais Saied’s government introduced Decree 54 last year, ostensibly to curb fake news. This was amid growing popular opposition to his political coup in July 2021 and the arbitrary adoption of a new constitution

Tunisia’s brutal treatment of refugees and the European agenda

Journalist Fadil Aliriza talks about the brutal treatment of refugees in Tunisia, the role of President Kais Saied’s policies, and the agenda of European leaders who seek to outsource the task of controlling migration

EU-Tunisia deal on migrants
EU signs border control pact with Tunisia to stop migration

Tunisia will be the second country after Libya to play the role of border patrol to stop the inflow of migrants into European countries through the Mediterranean sea