Latest US strike in Iraq kills senior commander of Kataib Hezbollah and two others

The strike provoked spontaneous protests against the US and intensified the demands of immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops. Iraqi resistance announced they will continue to attack US bases in the region

US approves plan to bomb Iraq and Syria

The country approved plans to widen the scope of the regional war originating in Israel’s genocide in Gaza

US and Israel face fresh attacks from Iraqi and Yemeni resistance over the war in Gaza

US bases in Iraq and Syria have been hit with over 150 attacks since October 7 in response to its military and political backing of Israel’s genocide in Gaza, prompting talks of their withdrawal

Iraq slams US attack on PMF headquarters as violation of sovereignty

The US attack which killed a senior PMF commander has revived the demands of complete withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq. Around 2,500 foreign troops continue to remain in the region despite opposition from the people

US attacks multiple sites in Iraq as it faces backlash for backing Israeli genocide in Gaza

The Iraqi government condemned the attacks calling it an hostile act and an attack on the country’s sovereignty. At least one Iraqi soldier was killed in the attacks and 18 others were wounded

US refuses to acknowledge systemic use of torture by its armed forces in Iraq

A large number of those who were kept in Abu Ghraib and other detention centers run by the US and its allies in Iraq were innocent civilians. Many were subjected to various forms of torture and have not received justice to this day

Iran-Iraq agreement on Kurdish militias
Iran demands disarmament of alleged separatist forces in Iraqi Kurdistan 

In March, Iran and Iraq had announced an agreement under which the latter would disarm certain Kurdish groups by September 19. Iran says these groups have been using Iraqi territory to carry out operations against it

Iraqi health system struggles to recover after three decades of setbacks

20 years after the US-led invasion, Iraq’s health system struggles in the face of workforce shortages, corruption, and a growing private sector. This situation is aggravated by long gaps in constructing new health infrastructure

Climate change Iraq
Climate breakdown threatens food security and health in Iraq

Iraq faces a food security and health crisis as extreme heatwaves hit West Asia, revealing the profound impact of climate change

UK civilian killings in war against ISIS
British forces killed multiple civilians in Mosul during anti-ISIS airstrikes in 2016-17, says investigation 

A investigation carried out by The Guardian and anti-war organization Airwars busts the UK  government’s claims that its forces did not kill any civilians during the war in Iraq

US invasion of Iraq
Two decades of criminal invasion in Iraq and its aftermath 

Since the invasion of their country in 2003, Iraqis have not seen respite from its implications, with occupation, sectarian violence, fanaticism, and corrupt and inefficient governments—sustained by persistent imperialist interventions—marking the last two decades

Iraq protest against honor killing
Iraqis protest “honor killing,” demand laws against domestic violence

One out of every five Iraqi women has reportedly been subjected to domestic violence. However, lawmakers have failed to enact laws against such crimes citing possible impact on the “Iraqi social fabric”