Kazakhstan referendum
Crucial amendments adopted to Kazakhstan’s constitution through referendum    

The amendments provide more power to local governments and introduce provisions to reduce nepotism in Central Asia’s largest country which witnessed violent attempts to overthrow the government earlier this year

Mapping Faultlines: Protests in Kazakhstan and its implications for Central Asia

NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha talks about the wave of protests in Kazakhstan, its trajectory and the various forces at play. He also situates this in the context of regional configurations and the recent geo-political crisis

Kazakhstan’s president seeks CSTO assistance following violent protests

The Collective Security Treaty Organization has reportedly agreed to temporarily deploy peacekeeping forces following the protests continuing after the main demands of those on the streets were met

Kazakh leader
International campaign seeks release of Kazakh trade union leader Erlan Baltabay

In mid-October, Erlan Baltabay was sentenced to five months and eight days in prison for refusing to pay a fine. He also faces a seven-year term for his involvement in the banned Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Kazakhstan

Labor organizations protest persecution of Kazakh trade union leader
Labor organizations protest persecution of Kazakh trade union leader

Erlan Baltabay faces an eight-year jail term on charges of misappropriation of funds although he has time and again argued that he was only in possession of the money since the dissolution of his union in 2015

Kazakhstan protest
Kazakh unions continue to face official repression

Activists have asked the International Labor Organization to review the ongoing repression of workers in the country.

Protests break out in Kazakhstan against persecution of activists

Ahead of the June 9 elections, the interim government of Kazakhstan has cracked down on activists and those campaigning for free and fair elections

Pressure mounts on Kazakh authorities to release protesting workers

There is still no clarity about the fate of as many as 20 workers who were arrested in the Zhanaozen region in February following protests by trade unions. Persecution of trade unions and their leaders has increased in recent years in Kazakhstan,