South Korea
Korean movements demand: South Korea, stop arming Israel!

Activists from trade unions, left political parties, and civil society groups called on the South Korean government to stop arming Israel

Health workers in South Korea announce new actions in 2024

The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union secures government support of public COVID-19 hospitals as plans to expand health workforce continue

South Korea’s top court upholds compensation for victims of Japan’s forced wartime labor

South Korea’s Supreme Court has upheld lower court orders to two Japanese companies to compensate 11 forced wartime labor victims

South Korean lawmakers pass landmark labor bill, amid rising trade union mobilizations

The “yellow envelope bill” is an outcome of years of labor mobilizations demanding reforms of existing labor laws, in the aftermath of workers suppression in the SsangYong Motors strike of 2009

Seoul Metro workers stage “warning strike” over planned layoffs

The management of Seoul Metro has used losses over the past few years as a reason behind laying off over 2,200 workers, while trade unions argue it will affect safety standards

The Korean War continues with Biden’s renewal of travel ban to North Korea

The draconian travel ban prevents as many as 100,000 Koreans in the United States from visiting family members in North Korea. It is another weapon of war, part of the broader US strategy to further isolate North Korea and inflame tensions between both halves of the peninsula

US-based Korean activists call for peace after 70 years of war

Activists call for a true end to the 70-year-long Korean War and the lifting of the travel ban on North Korea

Korea war
Lessons from the Korean war

The bottom line is that in the Korean War, the US confronted the hard truth that threatening a nuclear attack would not be enough to win the war

Korean health workers strike
Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union achieves breakthrough with general strike

Korean health workers held a two-day general strike in order to bring the government to the negotiating table, asking for safe staffing and fair remuneration. The strike, the largest in the health sector since 2004, saw the participation of 60,000 members

Korean health workers strike
Health workers in South Korea prepare for nationwide strike

The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union is preparing to launch a nationwide strike from July 13 as government continues to ignore grievances concerning staffing and pay. The unions expects approximately 45,000 health workers in 145 workplaces to join the strike

South Korea pivots to conflict

President Yoon Suk Yeol’s aspiration to position South Korea as a “global pivotal state” is turning his country into a bigger cog in the US war machine and stakes South Korea’s security and economic future on a declining US-led global order

Leaked Pentagon documents reveal US violations of Korean sovereignty

The US has been spying on its most loyal allies, including South Korea, which has claimed that the Pentagon documents are forged without providing evidence