How Belgian students forced their university to cut ties with Israel

Mingtje Wang of COMAC speaks about student-worker solidarity, the keys to their first victory and sustained momentum, and the future of the movement for a free Palestine in Belgium.

Workers’ Party of Belgium gains ground in European, national elections

The Workers’ Party of Belgium secures strong results in European and national elections, mounting resistance to the far-right’s growth

In Palestine, healthcare is also a form of resistance

General practitioner Hanne Bosselaers sheds light on the importance of health work in maintaining a sense of community and resistance in Palestine, and solidarity actions that health workers can join

Palestinian health workers are fighting for humanity

Hanne Bosselaers, general practitioner at Doctors for the People, talks about the contribution of health work in Palestine to global movements for solidarity and resistance

Belgium’s PTB kickstarts campaign with pro-people action plan

In their program, the Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB/PVDA) has prioritized fiscal justice, a social climate policy, and a foreign policy based on solidarity and peace

Peter Mertens: “Netanyahu is the Pinochet of this generation”

In a speech at the Belgian parliament, the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party sharply condemned Israel’s genocide in Gaza and called for concrete measures to stop it

PTB demands respect for farmers across Europe: “They must be able to live from their work”

In light of the massive farmers protests in countries across Europe, the Workers’ Party of Belgium writes about the root causes behind the farmers’ grievances

20,000 hit the streets of Brussels to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Leftists are demanding that the Belgian government impose a military embargo on Israel and support South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel in the International Court of Justice.

Belgian women’s rights platform Zelle resolves to continue struggle for equality and against discrimination

The Belgian progressive women’s rights group, Zelle, vowed to continue the struggle against femicide, harassment against women, and other forms discrimination and oppression

Thousands march in Brussels to declare “planet and people before profit”

The demonstration was organized in the backdrop of the ongoing 12-day-long, COP28 Summit underway in UAE, which kicked off on November 30.

Workers’ Party urges the Belgian government to impose a strict military embargo on Israel

The Workers’ Party of Belgium has called for a strict check on licenses for regional export decrees and arms trade treaties and their rejection if the weapons are being used by Israel for war crimes and attacks on civilians

Belgian unions call on government to impose arms embargo on Israel

A group of trade unions and civil society organizations have called upon Brussels to abide by the Arms Trade Treaty