Irish women basketball players protest Israel’s genocide in Gaza at EuroBasket qualifier match

The Irish athletes refused to shake hands with Israeli players and five players on the team refused to play the match against Israel

The people reclaim the Dublin streets rampaged by right-wing mobs

Following the outbreak of violent riots perpetuated by far-right groups, Irish working class groups marched in solidarity with those affected by the xenophobic violence

Irish Left slams government for abetting Israeli war crimes

Legislative proposals by left parties called the Irish government to hold Israel responsible for its genocidal war were voted down by the governing coalition in the Irish Parliament

Chris Hazzard on Ireland’s solidarity with Palestine

Sinn Fein MP Chris Hazzard talks to Peoples Dispatch about the efforts of his party to call for a ceasefire as well as Ireland’s historic solidarity with Palestine

1981 Hunger Strike - Ireland
Republican sections in Ireland observe 42nd anniversary of 1981 hunger strikes

10 Irish republican prisoners including 27-year-old Bobby Sands starved to death in 1981 at the HM Prison Maze in Northern Ireland while on a hunger strike to protest the revoking of their status as political prisoners

Irish Neutrality Ukraine war
Peace groups protest Ireland’s involvement in Ukraine war

Protesters slammed the Fine Gael-Fianna Fail-Greens government for the decision to provide weapons training to Ukrainian army recruits and called for maintaining the traditional Irish policy of neutrality in international conflicts

Student Housing - Ireland
Students in Ireland protest housing crisis ahead of new academic year

Student groups have demanded effective legislation to protect students from exploitation by rent sharks and housing scams. A recent study showed that half the students surveyed were sharing a room with three or more people

Anti-Nato protest Ireland Cork
Anti-war groups in Ireland disrupt security conference at Cork University

Socialist and anti-war groups in Ireland are apprehensive of the nation’s engagement with the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation and other bids to weaken neutrality

On anniversary of Easter Rising, calls for Irish unity are strengthened

During Easter week in April 1916, Irish militant republican forces started an uprising against the British colonialists in Dublin, marking a new era in the Irish freedom struggle against British imperialism

Anti-racism Protest - Ireland
Progressives in Ireland protest austerity and xenophobic attacks on refugees 

A mounting cost-of-living crisis in Ireland has been used by far-right groups to fan the flames of xenophobia. Progressives have called out the government’s policies as the real reason

Four Martyrs - Ireland
Irish republicans commemorate ‘Four Martyrs’ on centenary of their execution

One hundred years ago, during the Irish Civil War, the executive council of the British dominion of the Irish Free State executed four Irish republicans on December 8, 1922

Raise the Roof - Ireland
Thousands march in Dublin demanding dignified housing for all 

Progressive organizations in Ireland have demanded that the national government implement emergency measures to address the growing housing crisis