The law proposes to allow Moscow to cut off the country’s internet traffic from foreign servers and create an alternative domain name system

Putin-Kim meeting

“Kim Jong-un is interested in denuclearization, all North Korea needs is guarantees of its security and sovereignty,” Putin said

Russian protests

The rallies have been organized in the wake of simmering discontent in the country against Vladimir Putin’s anti-dissent legislations and controversial pension reforms.

Konovalov’s victory in the Khakassian Republic, and the likelihood of another communist candidate, Andrey Ischenko, winning in the province of Primorsky krai in December, indicate a rising discontent with president Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party

The S-400 surface-to-air missile system will mark a significant acquisition for India, with experts pointing out that its capabilities surpass that of the US-made Patriot missile system.

Railway and mine workers in Siberia were among those who expressed their unhappiness and called themselves “prisoners of the Putin’s reforms”

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