US announces military exercise in Guyana and Venezuela responds: “Threat to regional peace”

US Embassy says it is working to “defend the country”; Venezuelan Foreign Minister says action is “provocation”

Jorge Arreaza: On July 28, the Venezuelan people will choose between being patria or a colony

Three months ahead of Venezuela’s presidential election, the former minister and executive secretary of ALBA – TCP talks about the political and social transformations in Venezuela and the danger of the advance of the US-backed opposition.

Hypocrisy at work: anti-migrant politicians call for more sanctions against Venezuela

US lawmakers are both promoting racist rhetoric against migrants and fueling the very same sanctions that drive mass migration

Venezuela’s election in the crosshairs of new US regime change scheme

As Venezuela prepares to head to the polls in July, the US has already started drumming up suspicion and doubt around the electoral process.

Venezuelan political parties and people’s movements sign electoral agreement

The agreement has been crafted based on 500 proposals by different actors to set guideline for this year’s Venezuelan presidential elections.

US resumes previously suspended sanctions against Venezuela after candidate declared ineligible

The US had temporarily eased some of the unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela following agreements between the government and the opposition about the upcoming elections

A Bolivarian specter haunts the Monroe Doctrine

On the 200th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, activists and intellectuals gathered in Caracas to “build an alternative to this imperialist mandate”

US releases detained Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab

After over three years imprisoned in Cape Verde and Miami, Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab was released in a prisoner exchange with the US

Venezuela and Guyana to maintain direct dialogue amid Essequibo dispute

The two leaders gathered following a letter by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines calling to defuse rising tensions.

ExxonMobil wants to start a war in Latin America

It is clear that the Venezuelans who came to cast their vote on December 3 in a referendum on the Essequibo region saw this less as a conflict between Venezuela and Guyana and more as a conflict between ExxonMobil and the people of these two Latin American countries

On the strategic relationship between Venezuela and China

Hugo Chávez understood earlier than other Latin American left-wing leaders the rising Asian power’s commitment to build a multipolar world

Venezuela: Maduro warns of ExxonMobil interference ahead of “historic” Essequibo vote

The Venezuelan president rejected 150 years of “abuses by the British empire, now by ExxonMobil and the US Southern Command” concerning the territorial dispute.