Dispatches from Movement
CPC Central Committee charts path to achieve an advanced socialist society by 2050

The meeting of the highest decision making body between two Congresses of the CPC took on greater significance this year due to global challenges such as the rise in protectionism in the US and EU, geopolitical tensions, and slowing down of domestic growth

US and UK launch 3 new airstrikes on Yemen’s Hodeidah Airport

The United States and its allies have been attacking different locations across Yemen to curb Ansar Allah’s attacks in the Red Sea, but Ansar Allah vows to increase its operations even in the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

Von der Leyen’s second term: more money for armament and border control

Ursula Von der Leyen announces increased funding for EU armament and border control as she is confirmed for a second term as President of the European Commission

Venezuela’s election is a referendum on revolution

Venezuela’s former foreign minister Jorge Arreaza said that the US intensified its attacks after Chávez’s death, attempting to end the Bolivarian Revolution

Police intensify repression of student protests in Bangladesh

On Thursday, the Sheikh Hasina government announced that it is ready to start negotiation with the students demanding reforms in the quota system for government jobs.

Milei’s unfinished promises: Argentina has the highest inflation in the world

Javier Milei’s right-wing government promised to stop inflation in Argentina, and has thus far failed

Thousands to protest Netanyahu Congressional visit in Washington, DC

Israeli PM Netanyahu who faces charges from the ICC, was invited by US lawmakers to speak in front of Congress on July 24

15 Arab and African countries sound the alarm on the risks of famine in Sudan

Famine looms in Sudan, forcing people to flee to neighboring countries, while talks between warring parties and a UN envoy are still under way in Geneva

Overtime crisis among health workers in South Korea persists

Health workers in South Korea report widespread reliance on overtime to address staffing shortages, affecting everyone in the sector

Israel’s latest massacres have exacerbated the crisis in Gaza’s healthcare facilities

Gaza’s hospitals, already overwhelmed, are struggling with an influx of casualties following brutal attacks on refugee camps. Sugary drinks have become the most affordable food as aid delivery obstructions persist

Uruguay’s new media law generates widespread backlash

According to several politicians, journalists, and organizations, the law threatens to severely limit freedom of expression and promote the privatization of media

US Republican Party puts full backing behind ultra-conservative program at National Convention

At its National Convention, the leading conservative party in the US promotes its presidential ticket and ultra-conservative platform