Al-Awda Hospital in Gaza besieged again by Israeli forces

Israeli forces besiege Al-Awda Hospital in Jabaliya as more Palestinian health workers killed in West Bank

Fate of Palestinian health workers kidnapped by Israeli forces remains uncertain

The status of health workers arrested by Israeli Occupying Forces in northern Gaza remains uncertain as attacks on health infrastructure continue

Palestinian and international networks demand Israel release hospital director Dr. Ahmed Muhanna

Al Awda Association and the People’s Health Movement launched a campaign for the release of Dr. Ahmed Muhanna, director of Al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza

Israel’s war machine can’t break the steadfastness of Palestinian health workers

Palestinian health workers and allies continue to oppose Israel’s attacks on health care in Gaza, build solidarity and resistance

Palestinian health care Israeli repression harms Palestinian health as world marks Human Rights Day

Israel is targeting health and social organizations in Palestine and deliberately disrupting their work. The impact on the health of Palestinians is enormous

statement-youth Palestine Palestinian youth for a new solidarity pact against Israeli occupation

Organizations from Palestine, Lebanon and the United States, announced the formation of a new united front to resist the Israeli occupation through a more unified, productive and determined global struggle, and has rejected the current Palestinian leadership