Al-Shifa hospital
Al-Shifa hospital director freed after 7 months of detention and torture

Upon his release, the Al-Shifa director recounted the atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation against him and other Palestinian prisoners, sparking the outrage of Israeli officials, who described his release as a “serious mistake”

Water crisis adds to women’s health burden amidst war on Gaza

The lack of water and Israeli obstructions to the delivery of essential sanitary materials are increasingly impacting women’s health in Gaza

Prospects fade for rebuilding Gaza’s health infrastructure, warns WHO

The UN health agency has warned that the attacks on healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip are severely complicating efforts to imagine the rebuilding of health capacities

Israel has ripped the heart out of Gaza’s health system by destroying Al-Shifa Hospital

Through its latest vicious set of attacks against healthcare in Gaza, Israel leaves no doubts that it is set to destroy all remaining health infrastructure in the Strip

Israeli forces leave Al-Shifa Hospital after killing hundreds of Palestinians and turning Gaza’s largest hospital into ruins

According to the eyewitnesses dead bodies were scattered all around the hospital premises some of which were dug out of the temporary cemetery built to bury the patients killed during the early phases of the war

Executions, detentions, and sexual violence: Israel’s brutal siege on Al-Shifa Hospital

People sheltering at Al-Shifa Hospital give accounts on even more violence and humiliation as Israeli forces carry out some of the worst attacks yet

The tens of thousands of injured Gazans have nowhere to go as Israel continues assault on hospitals

A new attack on Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City adds to the overwhelming burden shouldered by patients and health workers. 15 out of 19 hospitals in Gaza City and 18 out of 20 primary health care centers are non-functional

Israel’s choice for Palestinians: starve or be killed

Israeli forces killed at least 112 Palestinians after opening fire on a crowd awaiting a food aid truck in northern Gaza on February 29. The massacre took place as one quarter of Gaza’s population is at imminent risk of famine while Israel continues to blockade aid to the besieged strip.

Israel’s attacks continue to decimate ambulance and maternity services in southern Gaza

Israeli attacks on healthcare in the Gaza Strip continue, with violence increasing against health workers and patients in West Bank

There can be no holidays during a genocide, health activists warn

Health activists continue to rally in solidarity with health workers in Palestine, who are being killed, targeted, and threatened by Israeli Occupying Forces

World faces days of “moral decay” as Israel bulldozes hospital grounds, detains more doctors

Israel carries out unprecedented attacks against health workers and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, bulldozing hospital grounds and detaining doctors

More health workers, patients, killed in Gaza as US vetoes ceasefire resolution

The US once again vetoed a ceasefire resolution at the UN Security Council, enabling more Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip