Alaa Abdel Fattah
Egypt’s repressive regime is enabled by US and allies

Rania Khalek of BreakThrough News explains how Egypt acts as a US proxy in the region and how the backing of western powers and Israel enables its government to continue repressive policies domestically

Daily Round-up | UN expert demands lifting of Syria sanctions & other stories

In today’s episode, we take a look at a report on the impact of sanctions on Syria, news of Alaa Abdel Fattah’s health, a protest in Madrid over healthcare, and developments in Venezuela-Iran cooperation

Alaa Abdel Fattah’s life hangs in balance as al-Sisi govt. remains stubborn

Concerns remain about the life of Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel Fattah who had escalated his hunger strike 10 days ago. His family on Monday received a letter indicating he was alive

Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel Fattah Alaa is alive: Family receives letter from Egyptian activist

Egyptian authorities have repeatedly denied visits to Alaa’s family members even as reports of him being force-fed have emerged, raising concerns about his life. Alaa is incarcerated in the Wadi al-Notrun prison near Cairo

Daily Round-up | Pressure mounts on Egypt to release Alaa Abdel Fattah & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of calls to free Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel Fattah, Venezuelan president Maduro’s speech at COP27, two years of the Arce government in Bolivia, and a planned strike by British university staff

Political prisoners Egypt Defying global calls, Egypt continues persecution of political activists  

Egyptian authorities have arrested two more lawyers in an apparent attempt to scuttle the nationwide call for protests this Friday. The head of a rights group said that over a 1,000 people have been detained in the last few weeks

Alaa Abdel Fattah escalates his months-long hunger strike in prison, stops consuming water

Alaa’s family members and human rights groups have urged the leaders participating in the ongoing UN climate conference, COP27, to pressurize the Egyptian government to release all political prisoners

Daily Round-up | Bolsonaro supporters resort to blockades, violence, after election loss & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of Bolsonaro supporters resorting to violence after the election, Alaa Abdel Fattah intensifying his strike, Russia’s c;clarification on the grain deal, and a warning strike in Germany

Daily Round-up | Cuba reports 154 billion dollars loss due to US embargo & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of the impact of the US blockade on Cuba, the hunger strike of Alaa Abdel Fattah, a report on rich countries overstating their contributions to climate change mitigation, and talks in Ecuador

Political prisoner deaths Egypt Death of political prisoners leads to concerns over human rights in Egypt

Rights groups have accused the Abdel Fattah al-Sisi-led regime in the country of pursuing a policy of deliberate negligence when it comes to the condition of prisons, which are overcrowded due to the state crackdown on political opponents

Daily Round-up | 15,000 US nurses begin largest private sector strike & other stories

In today’s episode, we look at a strike by US nurses, another migrant tragedy in Europe, the plight of Alaa Abdel Fattah, and the latest from the Brazilian elections

Daily Round-up | Colombian court indicts army officers for crimes against humanity and more

In today’s episode, we bring you stories from the investigation into military killings in Colombia, the condition of Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel Fattah, protests by British rail workers and the storming of the parliament in Iraq