Arab League
Lula, Petro, and Arab League declare support to South Africa’s case against Israel

Colombia and Brazil join a growing list of countries that has expressed support for South Africa’s case accusing Israel of genocide

Bassam Al-Salhi of the Palestinian People’s Party says war on Gaza has revealed fascist nature of Israel and the West

Despite the brutal atrocities committed by Israel in the last two months of its war on Gaza, Western countries, especially the United States, have remained firm in their support

Arab-OIC summit calls Israeli assault on Gaza a war crime

The summit, hosted by Saudi Arabia and attended by 57 countries — members of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) — also rejected the Israeli claim that its war on Gaza was in “self-defence”

West Asian governments take assertive stances against Israeli occupation and its crimes

A large number of Arab and other West Asian countries have defied the US pressures and openly taken a stand against the Israeli war in Gaza for the first time in decades

Saudi-Palestine talks Saudi Arabia says establishment of Palestinian state prerequisite for normalization with Israel

The statement came during an official two-day visit by a Saudi delegation to Palestine, which also saw the appointment of the first ever Saudi ambassador. Meanwhile, Palestinian organizations and activists have expressed concern over the talks

Arab League on Syrian refugees Arab League reiterates its demand for withdrawal of all unauthorized foreign troops from Syria

In a statement issued after its contact group meeting in Cairo, the Arab League also underlined the need for better coordination among the host countries to facilitate return of Syrian refugees

Blinken's visit to Saudi Arabia US bid to convince allies to normalize ties with Israel is floundering 

Despite repeated high-level visits, US officials have so far failed to convince the Saudis to normalize relations with Israel. The recent visit by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also confirms speculation that Gulf Cooperation Council countries are striving for more autonomy

Syria critcizes France France’s foreign policy towards the Arab world is colonial, backward, and detached from reality, says Syria 

Former colonial power France had supported the anti-Assad forces in Syria with the objective of regime change, which prolonged the war in the country. France also became part of the US-led illegal unilateral sanctions regime against Syria 

Lebanon politics Is there a way out in sight to Lebanon’s political crisis?

Political groups and parties elected to the parliament in the last elections were first unable to cobble up a majority, and after Michel Aoun’s term ended in October, no cabinet could be formed without a president. However, over the past few months, the candidature of Suleiman Frangieh for president has gained traction

Syria joins Arab League summit (1) Syrian President Assad attends Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia, a first since 2011

Trying to develop an effective and autonomous regional approach to deal with common issues, an increasing number of Arab countries have defied pressures exerted by the US and the EU against normalization of relations with Syria 

Syrian reintegration Arab League votes to withdraw Syria’s 12-year long suspension 

Syria was suspended from the Arab League in 2012 after war broke out in the country. Several members of the League supported anti-government forces which included Islamist militias

Israeli airstrikes after Amman statement on Syria Israeli airstrikes in Syria kill one, injure seven others 

The latest Israeli aggression targeted the Aleppo international airport. The airstrikes took place a day after a joint statement calling for peace and stability in Syria was issued by Arab countries after they met in the Jordanian capital Amman