auto workers
Tennessee auto workers make history by voting yes to unionize

The recent UAW elections in Chattanooga made history after workers voted to unionize despite opposition from political establishment

“The workers are the liberators,” declares UAW President, sending 7,000 more out on strike

United Auto Workers are expanding their strike to put additional pressure on General Motors and Ford, playing the three largest automakers against each other

UAW mobilizes thousands more to join Stand Up Strike

Auto workers at all Stellantis and General Motors parts distribution centers are being called on to hit the picket line across the United States

The largest industrial union in the US enters auto industry negotiations with a pledge to take on CEOs

Union contracts for 144,000 auto workers expire in September, after which they could potentially strike for gains rolled back during deindustrialization

Pricol Workers on strike in August Wave of punitive actions on autoworkers in southern India

Transfer orders and summary dismissals have become the standard response by companies to the workers organizing in India’s automobiles manufacturing hub at Tamil Nadu