Bernie Sanders
Iran anti-war bill in tatters after Trump veto and Senate failure to uphold it

The presidential veto is set to be challenged in the US Congress, where the resolution would require a two-thirds majority in both houses to override the veto

Delivery workers strike on May Day in the US

Workers of major corporations such as Amazon, FedEx, Walmart, Instacart and Target stayed off work demanding personal protective equipment, safe and sanitary work environments, extra paid leaves and time-offs

Bernie ends campaign Bernie Sanders suspends presidential campaign, but “struggle for justice continues”

Sanders has stated that he is suspending his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination over the possible impediments it can pose in efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, especially when his chances of winning are low

How the Democratic Party sank Bernie Sanders’ campaign

We talk about Bernie Sanders’ withdrawal from the Democratic race, and the efforts by the party establishment to target him.

Pandemic and socialism

As COVID-19 grips the world, in country after country, there is socialization of healthcare and of production of some essential goods, which markedly departs from the capitalist norm

US primaries Democrats hold primaries amid public health concerns over Coronavirus pandemic

Joe Biden is expected to sweep the Democratic primaries held in three US States on ‘Super Tuesday 3’, which received a very low voter turnout

Paid sick leave US workers demand effective paid sick leave policies to deal with Coronavirus pandemic

As the Coronavirus pandemic is raging in the US, only 15% of the fast food workers have paid leaves left, leaving over 32 million workers in a difficult situation

Mini Super Tuesday Biden surges ahead in “mini Super Tuesday” of US Democratic primaries

Of the six State units of the Democratic Party that voted in the primaries on Tuesday, Biden won in four, including Michigan where Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries

Why does the Democratic party establishment want to stop Bernie Sanders?

What does the way forward look like for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders? Does he still have a shot at clinching the nomination?

US primaries Super Tuesday marks set-back in Bernie Sanders’ chances for a nomination

Progressive candidate Bernie Sanders has lost the delegates lead he had so far held over the other candidates. After the results, Biden took the lead by over 70 delegate votes

Deciphering the Democratic Race

Political analyst D. Raghunandan looks at the results of the Democratic Party primary on Super Tuesday and the aftermath for the Biden and Sanders campaigns.

Super Tuesday is decisive for Democrats as the future of the party is at stake

A marathon intra-party race for presidential nomination to the coming general election will have the establishment Democrats going head-to-head with the insurgent progressive camp

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