Bernie Sanders
US Senate passes massive Ukraine-Israel aid bill

The foreign aid bill is set to go to the House of Representatives, where it is unlikely to pass

US Senate is one step closer to sending billions to Israel

Senators are attempting to push through a USD 95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan by Wednesday

After months of war and over 18,000 Gazans killed, US Senator Bernie Sanders calls for a ceasefire

The Senator, who repopularized socialism with an influential 2016 presidential campaign, had, until now, opposed the demand for a ceasefire

The US political establishment has remained complicit in Israel’s crimes every step of the way

Since October 7, US Congress has passed numerous resolutions condemning Hamas, reiterating its support for Israel, and approving multi-million dollar “emergency military aid” packages for Israel

Bill protecting workers against union-busting advances in US Congress

The legislation, celebrated by labor leaders, organizers, and workers, would protect the right to organize a union. Practices such as captive audience meetings that are meant to dissuade workers from forming unions will be banned under this proposed law

Former Starbucks head in the hot seat

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz testified in front of the US Senate as the company faces huge criticism for union-busting tactics. So far, 293 Starbucks stores across 37 states are unionized

Another Norfolk Southern train came off the tracks just as CEO refused to commit to seven paid sick days

Workers claim that overworking and lack of paid sick leave is causing worker error malfunctions such as train derailments. The rail CEO has refused to act

US defense budget US Congress approves record defense budget of USD 778 billion 

Despite its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden administration’s first defense budget is USD 38 billion higher than last year’s and more than the combined defense budgets of the next 11 countries

US weapons sale to Saudis US senate rejects resolution seeking ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia

The resolution presented jointly by some Republican and Democrat senators sought to limit the sale of US weapons to Saudi Arabia due to its involvement in the war in Yemen and its alleged war crimes

US conservatives block voting rights bill

Progressive lawmakers and civil rights movements working to expand voter access have responded with outrage against the vote results.

US voting rights bill US Senate stalls voting rights bill, but activists continue struggle

With a vote split along party lines, the proposed bill ‘For The People Act’ could not receive the necessary 60 votes to advance in the US Senate, effectively putting in an indefinite limbo

US aid to Israel Make aid to Israel conditional on protecting Palestinian human rights, say Sanders, Warren

Successive US governments, irrespective of the ruling party, have been providing billions of dollars in aid to Israel each year. Israel has been accused of using the money to sustain its occupation of Palestine