“Sanctions have lethal effect”: Intellectuals call for end to US blockade on Cuba and Venezuela

More than 50 academics responded to Democratic senator who dismissed, without evidence, the humanitarian impacts of sanctions

US Cuba solidarity activists arrested after trying to meet with Senator Bob Menendez, Sanctioner-in-Chief

Menendez spearheads policies that bring death and destruction to the people of Cuba and Venezuela. Activists were arrested for peacefully demanding he lift these policies

Against all reason, Cuba remains on the US State Sponsors of Terrorism list

What are the effects of Cuba’s designation as a “state sponsor of terrorism” on the Cuban people?

House Democrats urge Biden to lift sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela

Democrats argue that sanctions are contributing to the influx of migrants at the border, who flee economic hardship only to be faced with hostility

What is known about the corruption investigation in Venezuela’s state-owned oil company

An operation that began last Friday has already arrested judges, the mayor, and other public officials

Cuba goes on a diplomatic tour in an increasingly multipolar world

During President Miguel Díaz-Canel’s trip to Algeria, Russia, Turkey, and China, several new agreements were signed that pointed to a desire to help Cuba

Bolsonaro supporters refuse to accept election results

Supporters of incumbent Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro took to the streets across the country denouncing the victory of Lula da Silva in the presidential elections held on Oct 30

Cuba in the eye of Washington’s hurricane

Since the Cuban Revolution triumphed in 1959, the United States has been at odds with the island’s independent path.

“Democracy is our word”: Historic exchange between Venezuela, Cuba, and US working people held in New York

On September 25, diplomats from Global South nations including Cuba and Venezuela, organizers, and working people gathered in Harlem to challenge imperialism

Cuba describes easing of US sanctions as “a limited step in the right direction”

US President Joe Biden has finally announced the easing of some of the 243 sanctions imposed on Cuba by former President Trump