Who benefits from I2U2?

The meeting of the leaders of the US, Israel, India and the UAE – what has been called the West Asian Quad – primarily serves to benefit Israel’s agenda in the region

South African dairy worker strike continues as inquiry looms over Clover Industries

Unions have intensified their struggle, filing an official complaint against Clover’s retrenchment plans to the Competition Commission and calling for the company to be nationalized

A new president elected in Algeria amid large-scale popular boycott

The elections held on December 12 after months of protests against the existing political system saw a very low voter participation rate

Tunisian unions work to block docking of ship with ties to Israel

The Palestinian BDS National Committee termed the action against the Cornelius A, which was prevented from docking at the Rades port, a “first of its kind victory in the Arab world”.

Of united struggles against militarization, from Latin America to Palestine

Public hearing discusses the export of Israeli military technology and methodology to various Latin American countries and how repressive forces in these countries are using such methods

EU Urged to Exclude Israeli Arms Firms from Research Funds

154 organizations have asked the EU to ensure arms manufacturers do not participate in research programs such as Horizon 2020