US anti-war activists confront Senators, who are doubling down on support for Israel

The US government pushes for further escalation while the Palestine solidarity movement organizes for peace

El “sancionador en jefe” Bob Menendez, acusado de corrupción

Piden a Bob Menendez, que encabeza el brutal régimen de sanciones de Estados Unidos contra varias naciones soberanas, que renuncie después de que se presentaran cargos de corrupción contra él

“Sanctioner-in-Chief” Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

Bob Menendez, who spearheads the brutal US sanctions regime against several sovereign nations, was asked to resign after corruption charges were filed against him

People’s movements in the US demand end to blockade against Cuba

Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel also joined the rally and chanted along with the people, “Cuba, yes! Blockade, no!”

Socialist “movement incubator” celebrates five year anniversary in the heart of NYC

The People’s Forum commemorates five years of building the socialist movement in the United States and internationally

NYC Council has passed a resolution calling for an end to the US Blockade on Cuba

The city council vote comes ahead of a weekend of action calling for US President Joe Biden to take Cuba of the State Sponsors of Terrorism list

Youth brigade from US in Cuba 150 young organizers from the US travel to Cuba defying the blockade

Over 150 young leaders from a variety of organizations in the US are in Cuba to participate in a solidarity brigade organized by the International Peoples’ Assembly. They are meeting with different sectors of Cuban society to learn about the impact of the US blockade and experiences in building socialism

Continuing Chávez’s legacy means dismantling Monroe Doctrine politics

For every Monroe Doctrine intervention, there will be an April 13th rebellion for sovereignty and dignity.

Women workers of the world: united against imperialism and neo-fascism

Venezuelan socialist feminist organizations unite with others across the globe on International Working Women’s Day to call for a peaceful resolution to the Russia–Ukraine war

Ahead of the one year anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war, Putin condemns NATO aggression

Putin’s address to the Russian Federal Assembly highlighting continued NATO aggression was lambasted in Western press and by Biden

Russia announced Christmas ceasefire, US anti-war activists urge others to follow suit

After Putin ordered troops to observe a ceasefire over Orthodox Christmas, US anti-war organization CODEPINK insists that the US and Ukraine also declare a Christmas truce

Ten surprisingly good things that happened in 2022

If we hope to celebrate another holiday season, we have to find a way to bring all sides to the negotiating table. May peace prevail in 2023!