Collective punishment
Israel tells 1.1 million Gazans to evacuate in under 24 hours or face consequences

Large scale demonstrations were held across the world in support of Palestinian people despite the restrictions imposed by some countries

Gazan fishermen harassed by Israel Gazan fishermen in dire straits amid attacks from Israeli forces and border closing

Gaza has been under a comprehensive land, sea and air blockade imposed by Israel since 2006, which has destroyed its economy and forced its over 2.3 million people to live in miserable conditions

Palestinian resistance hunger strike Freedom or martyrdom: Palestinian prisoners to launch hunger strike against Israeli repression 

The hunger strike set to begin on March 22 is part of broader resistance efforts by Palestinian prisoners, including ongoing civil disobedience, against the Israel’s inhumane punitive measures

Israeli raid Jericho, Palestine Israeli occupation forces kill at least five Palestinians in a refugee camp in Jericho

Jericho is facing its second week of siege. Israeli forces have killed over 40 Palestinians in raids across the occupied West Bank since the beginning of the year

Israeli punitive measures after UNGA vote condemned Over 100 countries condemn Israel’s punitive measures against Palestinians following UNGA vote

Following the UNGA resolution, Israel announced withholding of USD 39 million of Palestinian money, which is likely to cause further suffering and impact basic services delivery in the occupied territories 

Riyad al-Maliki Israel imposes more repressive measures on Palestinians following UNGA vote

Apart from imposing travel restrictions on Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, Israel has confiscated USD 39 million from the body which will be transferred to the ‘victims of terrorism’ fund for Israeli citizens  

Palestinian bodies withheld by Israel Thousands march in occupied territories demanding release of bodies of Palestinians

Israel has kept the bodies of over a hundred Palestinians who were killed by its forces or died inside its prisons as ‘bargaining chips’, including that of Palestinian freedom fighter Nasser Abu Hmeid who died last week

Israeli siege of Shuafat refugee camp Palestinians protest continued Israeli siege of Shuafat refugee camp near occupied East Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation has left nearly 130,000 people stranded inside the camp as Israeli forces continue their search for a suspect in the killing of a soldier at a checkpoint last week. The siege as been condemned as an act of collective punishment

Israeli occupation forces have killed 50 Palestinians so far this year

Israel has also used collective punishment against Palestinians by repeatedly closing the crossings connecting Israel with the occupied territories, preventing thousands of Palestinians from traveling and working there

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