Communist Party of Greece
Polish right wing “The PiS-led Polish government is a combination of reactionary nationalism and social conservatism”

Representatives of the Communist Party of Poland, which is facing persecution at the hands of the government led by the Law and Justice Party, talk about the nature of the government, the policies it is implementing and the country’s shift to the right

Tens of thousands of Belgian workers march to defend social security

The march was called by the socialist trade union, General Confederation of Belgian Labor (ABVV/FGTB). The protesters demanded better pay and health coverage from the government

Trade union protest greece Workers stage protest at the centenary celebration of General Confederation of Greek Workers

Several trade unions claim that various political parties, including SYRIZA and PASOK, are extending membership to employers in the largest trade union confederation in Greece, and derailing the interests of the working class.

Greece strike energy workers Workers in Greece protest the government’s bid for privatization in the energy sector

The government has been steadily advancing its project of privatization in the gas sector through the sale of 66% of the National Transmission System in December 2018, the separation of marketing from distribution networks, and now a bill for further privatization.

Protests against Prespes Agreement in Greece Greek communists protest NATO-EU instigated agreement on Macedonia

The Communist Party of Greece pointed out that the Prespes Agreement was actually a plan to enable NATO expansionism

Teachers rise in anger against police crackdown on protest in Greece

As many as 2,000 teachers took part in the protest against a government bill on hiring for schools. The police attacked the crowd with teargas and grenades

Protests organized across the world against persecution of Polish communists

The Polish Community Party has been accused of propagating “totalitarian ideas” and its leaders are likely to face trial on December 7. The party has long been a target of the Polish establishment

Greece In Athens, thousands gather to commemorate the liberation of Greece from the Nazis

In their efforts to liberate Greece from the occupation of Axis Powers during the Second World War, the KKE along with several leftist and centrist groups joined hands to form the National Liberation Front (EAM) in 1941.