ICJ rejects Ukraine’s 2016 cases accusing Russia of terrorism

Ukraine had accused Russia of providing funding to the anti-Kyiv movement in Donbass region calling it “terrorism” and discriminating against Tatar and Ukrainian minorities in annexed Crimea

Ukraine war Post-Bakhmut scenario in Ukraine war

In the aftermath of the fall of Bakhmut, the US has announced that Ukrainian pilots will be trained in flying F-16s. There have been sporadic artillery and Himars missile attacks on Russian civilians in border towns. It in unlikely that any of these will be game changers

One year of Ukraine war: The world demands peace

To mark one year of the war in Ukraine, people across Europe took to the streets demanding an end to the conflict and NATO’s destructive and expansionist policies. Prabir Purkayastha and Eugene Puryear look back at the year and the strengthening anti-war movement.

Russia-Ukraine war one year A year into the war, peace seems a mirage

It has gradually become clear that the West—US, EU, and NATO—is fighting a proxy war against Russia, at the cost of the Ukrainian people, and does not desire any negotiated settlement in the near future 

Roger Waters UNSC Ukraine war Roger Waters calls for immediate ceasefire in Ukraine in UNSC address 

Roger Waters was invited to speak at the UNSC by Russia and called for a ceasefire but was criticized by Ukraine and the US. He has been critical of the West’s supply of weapons to Ukraine, which he claims may prolong the war

Ukraine war Waiting for Biden’s definition of victory in Ukraine

There is no more talk in Western media about destroying the Russian “war machinery” or an insurrection against the Kremlin and a regime change

Following attacks on Sevastopol, Russia suspends participation in UN-brokered grain deal with Ukraine

Under the deal reached in July through UN and Turkish mediation, Russia had agreed to allow grain exports from three Ukrainian ports through the Black Sea to ease the food crisis faced by countries in Africa and Asia 

Russia-Ukraine war For India, a frank talk with Biden on Ukraine may help

If India is dead serious in its mission to bring peace to the steppes along the Dnieper River, the thing to avoid is any temptation to do grandstanding, to create optics or to insert into the news cycle for its own sake. Instead it should talk to the US

Russia-Ukraine war Ukraine’s revenge on the West

Three main power centers within the Eurozone (Germany, France and Italy) and Britain are entering a period of deep crisis. Their capacity or level of interest to fight Russia in Ukraine is getting severely limited

Russia-Ukraine war Why Ukraine referendum is a big deal

The potential accession of Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye creates a new political reality and Russia’s partial mobilization on a parallel track is intended to provide the military underpinning for it

Russian regrouping in Kharkov will speed up Battle of Donbass

Make no mistake, the battle for Donbass still remains the number one priority for the Russian special military operation

Russia-Ukraine Conflict West at inflection point in Ukraine War

Paradoxically, the long war in Ukraine could only work to Russia’s advantage and the West’s over-extension may be its own undoing