Ecuadorian National Assembly
Progressive Luisa González and millionaire Daniel Noboa head to run off elections in Ecuador

González of the left-wing Citizens Revolution Movement won the first round with 33.31% of the votes, while Noboa of the right-wing National Democratic Action Alliance secured 23.66% of the votes

What is at stake in the early general elections in Ecuador?

Ahead of the early general elections in Ecuador, Professor Pablo Meriguet spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the reality on the ground and the significance of the upcoming electoral process for the country

The Ecuador of Guillermo Lasso

During Lasso’s two years in office, Ecuador has registered the highest annual inflation of the decade, the highest rate of homicide in seven years, mass migration, and unprecedented drug-related activities

Ecuador update Ecuadorian opposition rejects dissolution of parliament

The majority of Ecuador’s political parties have rejected the dissolution of the National Assembly, arguing that the grounds established in the constitution to dissolve it, do not exist at the moment

Ecuadorian legislature votes for impeachment trial against President Lasso

Under Ecuador’s constitution, at any time during the trial Lasso could dissolve the Assembly and govern by decree for up to six months, after which he would have to call for new elections. He has told press that he would not hesitate to dissolve the congress if his removal were imminent

Ecuadorian president’s alleged associate found murdered following corruption allegations

Businessman Rubén Chérres was assassinated days after the Constitutional Court of Ecuador approved the request by opposition legislators to impeach conservative President Guillermo Lasso

Ecuadorian Congress to review request to impeach President Guillermo Lasso

The country’s Constitutional Court decided to continue the process, which means now the legislature has 30 days to decide

Ecuadorian feminist movements vow to continue struggle for unrestricted abortion rights

On April 16, a bill that allowed access to abortions when pregnancy was the result of rape was enacted into law in Ecuador. According to women’s rights movements, it actually limits access to abortion for rape survivors instead of guaranteeing the right

British ferry workers fired, women’s groups oppose Lasso’s veto and other stories

Today we look at the sudden mass lay-offs imposed on 800 ferry workers in the UK, the partial presidential veto of an abortion bill in Ecuador, and more

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso partially vetoes abortion bill

Feminist movements and women’s rights organizations have vehemently rejected the president’s decision and his reasons to partially veto the bill that allowed abortions in rape cases

Advances and setbacks in the struggle for abortion access in Ecuador

Feminist and women rights movements rejected the approval of a bill with inhibitory deadlines and condemned that it would force women to continue to seek clandestine abortions in unsafe conditions

France announces troop withdrawal from Mali after nearly a decade and other stories

Today we look at the withdrawal of French troops from Mali after 9 years, a report on Dutch colonial violence during Indonesia’s independence war, and more