Fair pay
ASHA health workers India ASHA workers in India’s Bihar demand fair pay, pensions

ASHAs are trained female health workers who perform a range of tasks and act as key intermediaries between the village community and the public health system

Palestinian teachers on strike Palestinian teachers resume strike over long-standing demands on pay and other work-related issues

Teachers decided to go on strike within days of ending their two-month strike after the government failed to honor its agreed upon commitments 

Blinkit app-delivery workers in India strike against increasing exploitation

Blinkit, a quick grocery delivery app in India, has slashed the pay of its delivery partners to as little as around USD 0.18 (Rs. 15) per delivery. Delivery partners in different parts of capital city New Delhi and across other Indian cities have gone on strike.

Blinkit workers protest India Delivery workers at Indian grocery delivery platform ‘Blinkit’ go on strike against pay revision

Delivery partners of the quick-delivery company are demanding that a new pay structure, which will reportedly substantially reduce their current incomes, be immediately rescinded

3-04 Heathrow Security Strike - UK Security guards at UK’s Heathrow airport continue strike over pay hike

Security guards affiliated to Unite the Union started a 10-day strike action on March 31 after last ditch talks with the airport authorities for a pay rise failed

65,000 Los Angeles education workers are on a historic three-day strike

Workers are fighting for salaries above their current poverty wages, a demand which the the school district with a surplus of USD 5 billion has refused to accept

22-03 Workers' Strike - Germany Public sector employees continue strikes in Germany demanding increase in wages

The third round of negotiations between trade unions and municipal and federal employers in the public sector is scheduled to start on March 27

28-02 Teachers' Protest - Portugal 1 School teachers in Portugal demand increase in wages and time-bound promotions

The Portuguese working class has been organizing protests titled Vida Justa (‘Fair Life’) to demand an increase in wages and pensions and better job security 

UCU Strike - UK University staff in UK begin two-day strike protesting below-inflation pay offer

Around 70,000 workers across 150 universities in the UK have begun striking demanding an increase in wages at par with inflation, an end to cuts in benefits and pensions, and the regularization of contracts

Workers Protest - Belgium Massive rally in Brussels demands refinancing and more staff in health and non-profit sectors

Back-to-back crises and the government’s insensitive policies have worsened work conditions in public health and other non-profit sectors in Belgium

Portugal nurses strike Shared systemic issues inspire solidarity between Portuguese and British nurses

A historic strike by nurses in the United Kingdom inspired solidarity among health workers in Portugal, who are fighting their own struggle for a better public health system

Teachers protest Morocco Teachers in Morocco on strike to protest legal persecution by authorities over protests

For the last several years, teachers have been protesting regularly demanding an end to the contractual system introduced by the government in 2016 which resulted in lesser pay and benefits and job insecurity for hundreds of thousands of teachers