Farmers struggle
Celebrating its 30th anniversary, MVIWATA vows to strengthen peasant solidarity in Tanzania

Peoples Dispatch spoke to two leaders of Tanzania’s peasant movement about the importance of peasant unity and the struggle against neoliberalism

Indian farmers conclude Long March in a victory

They walked demanding the government address the problems being faced by the farmers and workers of the state of the Maharashtra. A key demand was remunerative prices for onion crops

Indian farmers long march Indian farmers’ Long March triumphs as State government accepts demands

Thousands of farmers took part in a long march in the Indian State of Maharashtra forcing the government to accept their demands, including an increase in subsidies and loan waivers. The march was led by the left-wing All India Kisan Sabha

At least 13 killed in US special operations forces raid in Syria and other stories

Today we look at the US special operations raid in Syria’s Idlib province, the death of 12 migrants near the Turkey-Greece border, and more

After year long struggle and historic victory, Indian farmers head home

These protest sites had become a home for these farmers. Now, they are returning home joyous, yet vowing to continue the fight and keep their union strong

Indian farmers victory march Indian farmers celebrate victory march back home as their historic struggle ends after a year

On December 11, tens of thousands of farmers in India participated in a final ‘Victory March’ from the borders of national capital Delhi where they had been camping in protest for over a year