Free Peru party
Peruvian legislators present impeachment motion against de facto President Dina Boluarte

The vacancy motion was presented due to the deaths of dozens of demonstrators in repression by security forces during the protests that have been taking place since last December

Tens of thousands on the streets of Peru in national strike

The pro-democracy protests have received the support of several celebrities, universities and progressive political parties

Estados Unidos y su rol en el golpe de Estado en Perú

La medida de Pedro Castillo de disolver el Congreso ante una tercera moción de destitución parece ser el resultado de una campaña de presión con apoyo de EE.UU.

Five killed by police during anti-coup protests in Peru

Enduring brutal police repression, tens of thousands of Peruvians have been protesting in different parts of the country, demanding closure of the Congress, new elections and new constitution through a Constituent Assembly

La oligarquía peruana derroca al presidente Castillo

El golpe contra Pedro Castillo fue dirigido por una derecha odiosa que se negaba a aceptar la aspiración del pueblo a un proyecto progresista

Peru’s oligarchy overthrows President Castillo

The coup against Pedro Castillo was led by an odious right-wing that refused to accept the people’s aspiration for a progressive project

Coup in Peru: President Pedro Castillo overthrown by conservative Congress

Peru’s opposition-controlled Congress approved the impeachment motion against Pedro Castillo after he decreed its temporary dissolution and called for fresh parliamentary elections. Hours later, he was arrested

Peruvian Congress will debate the third vacancy motion against President Castillo

The vacancy motion, which seeks Castillo’s dismissal, requires 87 votes to oust him. This is the third impeachment process that he is facing in less than a year and half in office.

Aníbal Torres resigns Peru Peruvian Prime Minister Aníbal Torres resigns

Torres resigned from his position on August 3 citing personal reasons. During his tenure, Torres assumed a strong position in defense of the Pedro Castillo government in the face of countless attacks from the right-wing opposition sectors

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo leaves Free Peru party

“The decision obeys my responsibility as president of 33 million Peruvians,” the head of state said in a letter

Peru President Pedro Castillo Peruvian President proposes to eliminate immunity for state officials

President Pedro Castillo has announced that he would soon present a bill to eliminate immunity for all high-ranking state officials in order to promote transparency

“It’s time for Our America”: ALBA Movements Assembly concludes in Argentina

The III Continental Assembly of ALBA Movements held in Argentina from April 27-30 concluded with a panel highlighting proposals and initiatives of people’s movements to transform the world.