Frente Patria Grande
Argentine women unite against austerity and attacks on rights on International Working Women’s Day

Thousands filled the streets of the Argentine capital and cities across the country to reject Milei’s war on working women.

Not one step back: National general strike in Argentina against Milei’s attacks on workers

Across Argentina millions are participating in a national general strike to protest the Milei government’s widespread attacks on people’s rights

Argentine trade unions and social movements mobilize against Milei’s harsh austerity policies

Trade unions are taking to the streets against the dismissal of 7,000 workers and other anti-people policies that are part of Javier Milei’s recent presidential decree

Can a movement leader solve Argentina’s problems?

Social leader Juan Grabois is contesting the candidacy for the center-left Union for the Homeland coalition in the upcoming primaries in Argentina

Argentina elections Who are the candidates in Argentina’s primary elections?

On August 13, Argentines will select the candidates who will stand in the October presidential elections

Peronist primaries: Massa’s challenge and candidate Grabois’ goal

An objective of Sergio Massa’s campaign is to appear as “Kirchnerist” as possible in order to attract Kirchner’s supporters. Will Grabois’s nomination weaken or help him?

Sovereignty or dependence: Six reasons to not pay the IMF

When the payment of debt seems to be the only way forward, voices within the ruling party argue why, at the very least, debt should be suspended and denounced in international organizations

“The Colombian State is responsible for serious human rights violations”

The International Mission that visited Colombia during the National Strike, concluded that the State should be investigated for various crimes and systematic violation of human rights.

Bill to tax large fortunes in Argentina advances to the Senate

The Argentine Chamber of Deputies passed the bill which seeks to collect 307 billion pesos to finance public health and productive projects by taxing large fortunes

“The housing deficit is solved by comprehensive policies,” says Federico Fagioli

National deputy Federico Fagioli speaks to ARG Medios about the structural causes of the housing deficit in Argentina

In Buenos Aires, there is no political will to address problems that we, the women, face, says Ofelia Fernández

The Buenos Aires legislator and women’s rights activist, Ofelia Fernández, expressed about the need to create a Ministry of Gender, Women and Diversity in the city of Buenos Aires

Argentine social movements propose a food sovereignty plan

Social movements seek to promote a law that allows the creation of a national public food company, it has received support from the ruling left-wing government of Frente de Todos