Global North
El notable declive del liderazgo del Norte Global

No se puede encontrar la claridad en la Casa Blanca, en el número 10 de Downing Street o en el Palacio del Elíseo. Se encuentra en las palabras de la gente corriente de estos países que está desconsolada por la violencia.

The remarkable decline in the global north’s leadership

Clarity is not to be sought in the White House, in No. 10 Downing Street, or in the Élysée Palace. It is found in the words of ordinary people in these countries who are heartsick regarding the violence

Europe struggles with health workers shortage but fails to address demands for decent salaries

Worries surrounding the health workforce shortage in Europe continues to grow, yet plans largely fail to include pay rises for workers in the sector

The global inflationary tsunami is made in the US, not Ukraine

Inflation in the US, which is cutting workers’ real earnings in the country, is also spilling out into the rest of the world creating a crisis in the Global South

Health workers will not stop fighting for a better alternative to WTO COVID-19 response

George Poe Williams from the National Health Workers Union of Liberia comments on the recent outcome of the WTO Ministerial Conference and the disappointment this has caused among health workers

Trade unions and civil society ask WHO members for stronger commitment to health workers’ rights

Baba Aye from Public Services International (PSI) looks back at the major discussion points and highlights of the 75th World Health Assembly

Less than 2% people are fully vaccinated in Africa while US calls for a third dose

The total COVID-19 cases in Africa has now crossed 7.5 million, yet less than 2% of the continent’s population has been vaccinated

Inequity in COVID-19 testing has far reaching consequences for poor countries

Testing is crucial to combat the pandemic. But with all the funds and attention going towards vaccines, diagnostics is suffering, impeding key steps to curb the spread of the virus