US and UK intensify airstrikes on Yemen, hitting capital Sanaa and other locations

Despite facing a bombing campaign by the US and UK, the Houthis have asserted that they will not be deterred and will continue to target ships heading to Israel until the war in Gaza ends

Houthis enforce embargo on ships heading to or leaving Israel

The Houthi-led government in Yemen announced that it had forced an Israel-bound ship to turn back as it was sailing through the Red Sea in violation of the warnings issued on Saturday

Houthi-led Yemeni Armed Forces announce strikes against Israel

The forces stated that the decision was made in affirmation of the stand taken by the Yemeni people in support of the Palestinian cause

Saudi-Iran ties Revival of Iran-Saudi Arabia ties may have an impact on the wider West Asian region  

The China-brokered rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia may signify the onset of peace and stability in the larger West Asian region, as well as blunt the influence of imperialist interventions

UN human rights chief condemns mass executions in Saudi Arabia

High commissioner Michelle Bachelet also called upon the Saudi government to suspend all pending executions, commute active death sentences in the country and implement a moratorium on the use of the capital punishment in the country immediately

War in Yemen Anti-war groups ask US lawmakers to end support to Saudi-led war in Yemen

Despite the assurances given by US president Joe Biden earlier this year, the US continues to extend crucial military support to the Saudi-led coalition’s war efforts in Yemen