humanitarian crisis
COVID cases rise in Afghanistan Afghanistan faces medical emergency as COVID-19 cases rise

Two senior officials in Kunduz province reportedly died due to COVID-19 on June 3. According to observers, the Afghan government does not have adequate testing capacity and tens of thousands of samples are going untested every day

“No prison in Colombia can deal with coronavirus, if they leave us here we are facing the death penalty”

Julián Gil, social leader of Congreso de los Pueblos, talks from prison about the danger faced by thousands of inmates amid the coronavirus pandemic

refugee camp fire Greece Fire claims life of a child at refugee camp in Greece

Conditions in Moria and other refugee camps in Greece have deteriorated further due to the increased inflow of migrants after Turkey opened its borders allowing them to cross over to Europe

UNRWA One million could go hungry in Gaza by June: UN

Funds shortage could also lead to severe education and healthcare challenges like stopping of UNRWA schools and vaccination program.

Yemen ceasefire Airstrikes, fighting resume in Yemen’s Hodeidah despite UN-brokered ceasefire

As a result of sustained aggression by US-backed Saudi led international coalition, Yemen has suffered a severe humanitarian crisis.

Thousands of Yemenis protest Saudi intervention in Taiz

They were protesting the dire and deteriorating living and economic conditions, and the steep increase in prices of essential goods and commodities as a result of the government’s inefficiency

Saudi-US-Al Qaeda nexus in Yemen revealed

AP investigation reveals that Al Qaeda fighters were allowed to leave cities with their weapons and millions in loot

In India, citizenship register in State throws open fault lines

The first draft of the register has reportedly excluded 4 million people, leading to grave concerns and debates on issues of citizenship

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