Milei celebrates violent repression of thousands protesting hunger in Argentina

Police cracked down on a protest of thousands of workers in the capital who demanded the government listen to its demands to send food to the community kitchens and address the growing hunger in the country

The International Court of Justice censures Israel for its genocidal war

The ICJ ruling on South Africa’s case against Israel marked a crucial victory for the Palestine solidarity movement and laid out Israel’s war crimes for the whole world to see

Israel is destroying Gaza’s food system and weaponizing food, say UN experts

In a joint statement UN experts state that Israel has deliberately destroyed all basic facilities and blocked access to water, food, and medicine for most of the Palestinians in Gaza

South Africa takes Israel to ICJ for crime of genocide in Gaza

South Africa has urged the court to issue urgent interim measures including an immediate suspension of Israeli military aggression in and against Gaza.

Ceasefire “the only remaining hope” for Gazans, says UNRWA

Most international aid agencies have decried the non-implementation of last week’s watered-down UNSC resolution asking for increased humanitarian assistance to Gaza

We can do better than the Sustainable Development Goals model

In this interview, Vijay Prashad points out how summits on sustainable development goals often end with only calls for increasing funding which serves merely as band-aid. Ending hunger, poverty, and the other crises of our time requires greater political will and structural changes

SDG summit Eradication of poverty an indispensable goal, says declaration of Sustainable Development Goals summit

Transfer of funds to developing countries, restructuring of debt, and greater adherence to multilateral norms and regulations without resorting to hegemonic practices are essential preconditions for the achievement of SDG targets

El hambre en el mundo y la guerra en Ucrania

No está claro si Occidente dará a Rusia algún alivio en su capacidad de exportar sus propios productos agrícolas.

Ukraine grain deal hunger World hunger and the war in Ukraine

It is not clear if the West will give Russia any relief on its ability to export its own agricultural products.

What are the Dilemmas of Humanity today?

We bring you glimpses from the first day of the Dilemmas of Humanity: Pan African Dialogues to Build Socialism conference that is currently underway in South Africa. Delegates from across the continent are deliberating on the crisis of capitalism and the socialist alternatives of our time

FAO food security report Global hunger remains far above pre-pandemic levels, claims FAO

Asia and Africa continue to be the hotspots for global hunger while Latin American countries were able to reduce hunger significantly. Developed countries in North America and Europe also witnessed a slight rise in food insecurity in 2022

Inequality must be “priority” in climate change discussion, says Lula in Paris

The Brazilian President says there is no point in having a “very good climate” while people die of hunger