International Court of Justice (ICJ)
Israel continues attacks across Gaza, killing dozens

Israel scaled up attacks as South Africa approached the ICJ as part of its case on Israel’s genocide in Gaza to ask for additional provisions to halt Israeli aggression

German police shut down pro-Palestine conference

Police conducted arrests of attendees, while German authorities prevented conference guest and Gazan doctor Ghassan Abu Sitta from even entering the country

Sevim Dağdelen: the double standards of the West are on full display at the ICJ

The German MP writes that the response of Germany to Nicaragua’s charges of aiding and abetting genocide in Gaza has been to downplay its role in supplying arms and question the premise that genocide is already taking place

US officials brazenly deny genocide

The United States continues its policy of unconditionally supporting Israel, but not without significant protest from below

Türkiye imposes trade restrictions with Israel

Since Israel began its genocidal war on Gaza, Türkiye withdrew its ambassador from Israel and backed South Africa’s genocide suit against it in the International Court of Justice

Israel’s killing of seven aid workers in Gaza was intentional

Israel has killed aid workers and levelied false charges against agencies such as UNRWA, revealing its use of starvation as a weapon

ICJ expands urgent measures in genocide case against Israel as famine “sets in” in Gaza

The Court has issued orders for Israel to “ensure” the “unhindered provision” of humanitarian aid, as 31 people have been killed due to deliberate starvation in Gaza

What’s really behind Germany’s unshakeable support of Israel?

To understand Germany’s unconditional support for the Israeli genocide, one must understand the origins of the German state

Transport workers unions in Africa call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

The Africa Regional Conference of the International Transport Workers’ Federation unanimously passed a motion authored by the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, an end to political support for Israel, and expressing solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

Israel’s blocking of aid to Gaza is a weapon in its brutal war against Palestinians

Israel has defied ICJ’s interim verdict as well as a UN Security Council resolution calling for increased access to aid. It has instead deliberately blocking aid, causing a massive humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Israel’s brutal offensive on Gaza continues as death toll nears 30,000

The UNRWA said that it was last able to deliver aid to Northern Gaza on January 23 and warned that the situation is a “looming famine” and a “man-made disaster”

At ICJ hearing, Global South countries call for end to occupation of Palestine; US and allies back Israel

The ICJ is conducting hearings before giving an opinion on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. The US and its allies have asked the court to not demand an end to the occupation