Israeli aggression in Gaza
In a flagrant violation of international law, Israel intensifies siege of Nasser Medical Complex

After over 20 days of besieging Nasser Medical Complex, Israeli occupation forces attacked thousands of people sheltering inside the hospital

Palestinian health workers kidnapped by Israel subjected to torture and humiliation

Israel continues to target, kidnap, and kill health workers trying to provide essential care in the Gaza Strip

Internationally beloved academic, poet, and activist Dr. Refaat Alareer killed by Israel

The professor at University of Gaza and co-founder of “We are Not Numbers” refused to evacuate northern Gaza as demanded by Israelis and continued to report about the Palestinian resilience during the war

Israel increases attacks on health infrastructure in Gaza

Israeli airstrikes on hospitals in Gaza have caused severe damages and many have been forced to shut down, putting thousands of patients and refugees at risk

Palestinian digital rights coalition urges action against hateful content on social media

In a letter to Meta, the coalition called for an audit and an inquiry into the AI training datasets which are used to moderate content on the platforms, among other steps to tackle hateful content against Palestinians

La asfixiante ocupación de Palestina ahora es una serie de crímenes de guerra

Israel ha violado flagrantemente el derecho internacional humanitario en las últimas tres semanas de bombardeos incesantes sobre Gaza, todo ello con el respaldo político y financiero de Estados Unidos.

Report reveals Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in May 2021 overwhelmingly targeted civilians

The damning new report found that in 70% of the airstrikes that killed civilians, no corresponding ‘militants’ or ‘military targets’ were found to have been killed

Hey Israel, leave the six alone: Roger Waters

On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Roger Waters and Vijay Prashad discuss Israel’s bid to brand human rights organizations as terrorists and its attack on every aspect of Palestinian life

Israeli aggression on Gaza Israeli air strikes on Gaza enter second week, death toll nears 200

Despite causing horrifying levels of death and damage, Israel’s caretaker prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the brutal offensive will continue at “full force”

Activists occupy Elbit Systems factory in UK

Elbit Systems is a weapons manufacturer which supplies more than 80 percent of Israeli army’s military drones.

Health workers face off against host of obstacles in Palestine

Shatha Odeh of the Palestinian Health Work Committees talks about the state of health workers in Palestine, as well as the situation of health infrastructure and the impact of occupation

Israeli restrictions, policies hinder Palestinians’ fight against pandemic

Shatha Odeh of the Palestinian Health Work Committees describes the situation on the ground, as well as nature of the challenges in the West Bank and Gaza.