Israeli prisons
In memory of Walid Daqqah

Basil Farraj writes about the life and struggle of Walid Daqqah who spent 38 years in occupation prisons and died from intentional medical neglect by Israeli prison authorities

The prisoner Walid Daqqah: a stubborn conscience that cannot be seared

Former Palestinian prisoner Wisam Rafeedie writes about Walid Daqqah’s struggle and steadfast resistance, as campaigns for his freedom intensify

Editoriales de izquierda del mundo piden la liberación del preso palestino Walid Daqqah

La campaña internacional para exigir que Israel libere al escritor y activista palestino se ha intensificado ante el deterioro de su salud.

Left publishers from across the globe call for release of Palestinian prisoner Walid Daqqah

The international campaign to call on Israel to release the Palestinian writer and activist has intensified in response to his declining health

Palestinian resistance hunger strike Freedom or martyrdom: Palestinian prisoners to launch hunger strike against Israeli repression 

The hunger strike set to begin on March 22 is part of broader resistance efforts by Palestinian prisoners, including ongoing civil disobedience, against the Israel’s inhumane punitive measures

Palestinian prisoners civil disobedience Palestinian prisoners complete 20 days of civil disobedience against Israeli jail authorities

The prisoners’ agitation started in response to recent punitive measures introduced by the extremist government in Israel, and is expected to escalate in the coming days into a mass indefinite hunger strike

“Our decision is freedom”: Palestinians fight against administrative detention

Israel’s illegal practice of administrative detention has been met with a new form of resistance by Palestinian detainees: court boycotts

Israel re-captures four of the six escaped Palestinian political prisoners amid mass protests

Palestinians across West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem organized protests on the third consecutive day on Friday demanding the end of “collective punishment” measures carried out by the Israeli authorities since the escape

Birzeit University students targets of latest Israeli arrest campaign

Israel’s crackdown on Palestinian students has intensified in recent months and is part of a broader effort to depolitize the universities and break the strong link they have with the struggle for national liberation

Colonial occupation and patriarchy in Palestine: interview with Ruba Odeh

Palestinian activist Ruba Odeh spoke with Capire about women’s struggles against the occupation of their territories.

Palestinian prisoners' rights Israeli prison authorities confiscate fans of Palestinian prisoners for protests

Israeli forces stormed the cells of the approximately 850 prisoners who were part of the protest against the death of Daud Al-Khatib. They confiscated fans and electrical devices