Israeli raids
Palestinian youth killed Nablus raid One Palestinian youth killed, four others wounded in Israeli occupation’s raid on Nablus 

Palestinians were resisting Israeli occupation forces who stormed the area to provide security cover to illegal settlers invading the locality. Since the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in 1967, extremist right-wing settlers have tried to claim exclusive access to Joseph’s Shrine, which has been visited by people of all faiths for ages

Freedom Theatre Jenin “Israel’s actions in Jenin will only serve to breed a new generation that will carry torch of resistance”

A first person account of the devastating attack by Israel on The Freedom Theatre in Jenin, where a group of families sought refuge amidst the turmoil, by Mustafa Sheta, a leading light of the cultural group

Israeli raid in Jenin Israel invades Jenin with massive military force, at least eight Palestinians killed 

The military operation, which started overnight, involved a massive contingent of Israeli forces who were heavily armed. Around 50 people have been injured

Israeli forces kill five Palestinians, including 15-year-old, in Jenin raid

Close to a 100 Palestinians were wounded in the raid. Israeli forces shot at ambulances and paramedics and tried to prevent them from reaching the injured and providing medical attention

Palestinian killed in Nablus raid Israeli forces kill one Palestinian, injure over 300 in Nablus raid

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers, accompanied by armored military vehicles and bulldozers, illegally invaded the city in order to demolish the home of a Palestinian prisoner who is accused of being involved in an armed confrontation with the Israeli army

Israeli forces kill Palestinian Two Palestinians killed in the occupied territories in a single day

The number of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces since the beginning of this year has now gone up to 99, which includes 16 minors

Israeli raid and killings in Nablus At least 10 Palestinians killed in Israeli raid on Nablus in occupied West Bank

Israeli forces invaded the city on Wednesday morning and proceeded to lay siege to a building housing two Palestinian resistance fighters. While Palestinian armed groups resisted the raid, Israeli forces injured over 100 people using live bullets and tear gas

Fuerzas de ocupación israelíes masacran a nueve palestinos en el campo de refugiados de Yenín

La masacre ha sido calificada como “la mayor y más extensa desde 2002”. Al parecer, las fuerzas israelíes impidieron que las ambulancias llegaran hasta los heridos

Israeli Occupation Forces massacre nine Palestinians in Jenin Refugee Camp

The massacre has been labeled “the largest and most extensive since 2002.” IOF reportedly prevented ambulances from reaching wounded

Israeli forces kill Palestinian Ahmed Abu Jneid Israeli forces kill three Palestinians in under 24 hours in occupied West Bank 

Israeli forces also arrested nearly three dozen Palestinians in early morning raids on Wednesday and Thursday across the occupied West Bank

Israeli raid in Jenin Palestinians rise up in anger against killing of four people by Israel in Jenin raid

Over 150 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli raids this year alone with 36 deaths being recorded in Jenin. Protests have been taking place across the occupied territories against these atrocities

Israeli raid in Occupied West Bank leaves two dead

The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade have identified Muhammad Azizi and Abderrahman Jamal Soboh, the two killed, as its members