Labor reform
Labor reform bill faces setback in Colombia

The bill was shelved on the same day that right-wing activists held small rallies to protest the government of Gustavo Petro

Sweden LAS Employment security under attack in Sweden

Chairman of the Communist Party of Sweden Andreas Sörensen has criticized the Swedish government’s bid to dilute the employment protection act as a move against workers’ rights in the country

Toyota to suspend more than 5,000 workers in Argentina

The decision to lay off personnel was taken by the company to compensate for the losses incurred due to the drop in sales

Peruvian workers mobilize against regressive labor reform

For the past six months, the Peruvian workers have been protesting against a new labor reform that seeks to implement a series of regressive measures.

Thousands of workers in Peru mobilize against Vizacarra’s labor reform

The labor reform seeks to implement a series of measures that represent a regression to labor rights and favors the entrepreneurs