Latin America responds with unanimous condemnation to Ecuador’s storming of the Mexican Embassy in Quito

Latin American and Caribbean leaders and governments from across the political spectrum have condemned the incursion into Mexico’s embassy as a grave violation of international law

La policía ecuatoriana irrumpe en la Embajada de México y detiene al ex vicepresidente ecuatoriano Jorge Glas

México anunció la suspensión de las relaciones diplomáticas con Ecuador después de que la Policía Nacional de Ecuador entrara por la fuerza en su embajada en Quito.

Ecuadorian police break into Mexican Embassy, arrest former Ecuadorian VP Jorge Glas

After the Ecuadorian National Police forcibly entered its embassy in Quito, Mexico announced the suspension of diplomatic relations with the country

Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan and his wife sentenced for 14 years in Toshakhana case

Wednesday’s sentencing is the third for the former prime minister of Pakistan who has alleged that he is being persecuted by the army and political class in response to pressure from the US

Mobilizations continue in Guatemala against impending “coup”

Indigenous communities in the country have been on a national strike since October 2 amid actions by the judiciary and the right-wing to undermine democracy and the electoral process

Gustavo-Petro-Colombia Colombia’s opposition and right-wing media intensifies destabilization campaign against Gustavo Petro government

Following a scandal involving the former chief of staff Laura Sarabia and former ambassador to Venezuela Armando Benedetti, Colombia’s right-wing forces have increased attacks against the Petro government. Trade unions and progressive sectors are rallying to the defense of the government

Intervencionismo norteamericano en el sistema de justicia peruano y el Golpe de Estado contra Pedro Castillo

Las sospechas surgieron después de que el Embajador de EE.UU. en Perú publicara una foto con el Fiscal General de Perú. El activista y jurista peruano José Carlos Llerena Robles sostiene que el intervencionismo estadounidense en el sistema judicial peruano tiene raíces mucho más profundas

US interventionism in the Peruvian justice system and the coup d’état against Pedro Castillo

Suspicions were raised after the US Ambassador to Peru posted a photo with Peru’s Attorney General. Peruvian activist and jurist José Carlos Llerena Robles argues that US interventionism in the Peruvian justice system has much deeper roots

Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Cristina Fernández de Kirchner condemns lawfare against progressive leaders in Argentina

Argentine Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kircher said that her mission is to rebuild a democratic state in Argentina, in which the guarantees established in the Constitution are respected

Bribery charges to be filed against former Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno

In addition to Moreno, his wife, one of their daughters, as well as two brothers and two sisters-in-law are among those investigated in the Sinohydro case, formerly known as the INA Papers case

Coup in Peru: President Pedro Castillo overthrown by conservative Congress

Peru’s opposition-controlled Congress approved the impeachment motion against Pedro Castillo after he decreed its temporary dissolution and called for fresh parliamentary elections. Hours later, he was arrested

Lawfare in Argentina: VP Cristina Fernández de Kirchner sentenced to six years in prison

The lawfare against Argentina’s most prominent and loved Peronist leader and one of the towering figures of Latin America’s political left has evoked widespread condemnation in the country as well as across the region