Madhav Kumar Nepal
madhav kumar nepal Nepal may be used as a playground of foreign forces, warns Madhav Kumar Nepal

Madhav Kumar Nepal, the former Prime Minister of Nepal, explains the politics around US interests in the region in the light of the controversial Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Madhav Kumar Nepal on threat of extreme right in Nepal

Madhav Kumar talks about the ongoing political instability in the country, the threat posed by the rising influence of the far right, and the path ahead for the left to defend Nepal’s socialist and secular values enshrined in the constitution.

Madhav Kumar Nepal_Unity of Struggle_Nepal Communist Party Unity of struggles is required to counter the global rise of the right

In the part 2 of this exclusive interview to Peoples Dispatch, former Prime Minister of Nepal and senior leader of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Madhav Kumar Nepal talks the recent historic victory of communist parties in Nepal.

Madhav Kumar Nepal_Unification and NCP_Peoples Dispatch “The unification of communist parties in Nepal is an essential step towards socialism”

In an exclusive interview, former Prime Minister of Nepal and senior leader of Nepal Communist Party, Madhav Kumar Nepal talks about the unification process of CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Centre) and formation of NCP.

On anniversary of formation, Nepal Communist Party seeks to speed up path to socialism

The party took a key step in the unification process with the announcement of the leadership of mass organizations. It is also in the process of reviewing its political and ideological line.