Manolo De Los Santos
“We are going to build a better world!” Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel tells North American youth

The Cuban president had an extensive encounter with the members of the Let Cuba Live brigade about the revolution, the struggle against imperialism, and hope

As the US deliberately starves the Cuban people, solidarity activists launch campaign to send flour

The People’s Forum, based in the United States, has launched a solidarity campaign with Cuban neighbors living under brutal US blockade

Cuban embassy terrorist attack Cuban embassy in Washington DC faces another terrorist attack, activists express solidarity

An individual threw two Molotov cocktails at Cuba’s embassy in the US capital late on Sunday, the second such violent attack on the building since 2020. Havana has denounced the impunity enjoyed by ‘anti-Cuban’ groups as the US government continues to ratchet up unilateral and illegal measures against the island nation

Manolo De Los Santos: Un horizonte socialista es aquel donde lo imposible se encuentra con lo posible

El codirector ejecutivo del Foro de los Pueblos reflexiona sobre el futuro de la lucha de clases en Estados Unidos y en todo el mundo

Manolo De Los Santos: A socialist horizon is where the impossible meets the possible

The People’s Forum co-executive director reflects on the future of class struggle in the US and across the globe

Los Angeles Police obstructs democratic right to protest

The LAPD has refused has refused to grant a permit for a march on the 9th annual Summit of the Americas, organized by the People’s Summit

100 North American youth march in Cuba to demand an end to the blockade

The youth leaders joined Cuba’s iconic May Day march to demand an end to the US blockade and to strengthen ties of solidarity with the island

People’s Summit to highlight inequality in face of Biden’s Summit of the Americas

A diverse coalition of US-based organizations is organizing an alternative to the OAS summit, shedding light on inequality and imperialism

There is an ongoing war against the people in Cuba

Manolo De Los Santos talks to Peoples Dispatch about the letter signed by 400 leaders from across the globe calling for US president Joe Biden to suspend unilateral coercive measures against Cuba