Modi government
Ante la censura, los estudiantes indios organizan proyecciones del documental de la BBC sobre el primer ministro Modi

Un reciente documental de la BBC sobre el primer ministro indio Narendra Modi, censurado por el gobierno, está siendo proyectado por organizaciones de estudiantes en varias partes del país.

Kellogg’s cereal plant workers go on strike for fair pay and benefits and other stories

Today we look at the strike for pay and benefits by workers across Kellogg’s cereal plants in the US; a protest march against mining expansion by tribal communities in Chhattisgarh, India; and more

Indian workers fight back: 250 million people go on strike

Millions of Indians hit the streets today in support of the general strike and as part of nationwide coalition-building efforts to resist the policies of the right-wing Modi government

India workers strike Jan 8 Strike: With 73 million jobless in India, it’s a fight for survival

Workers are striking for more jobs while the Narendra Modi government is busy implementing the far-right wing agenda, refusing to see the huge army of unemployed