President-elect Masoud Pezeshkian promises continuity in Iran’s regional and foreign policies

Considered a moderate-reformist, Pezeshkian was declared a winner by the country’s interior ministry on Sunday

Shanghai Cooperation Organization convenes 24th council meeting in Kazakhstan

The 24th annual summit of the SCO is expected to focus on strengthening regional security and stability, economic and trade cooperation

Russia and North Korea sign Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement

Moscow and Pyongyang pledge to assist each other militarily against foreign aggression as US escalates military drills in Korean peninsula

Six candidates seek popular mandate to become next president of Iran

The June 28 elections were called following the death of the incumbent president Ebrahim Raisi along with seven others in a helicopter crash last month.

Days after the death of President Ebrahim Raisi, Iran announces elections in June

As per the Iranian constitution, fresh elections must be held within 50 days of the death or resignation of the incumbent president

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and foreign minister confirmed dead in helicopter crash

The president and foreign minister both championed the creation a multipolar world order and pushed for concrete solidarity with countries facing repeated imperialist onslaught

Russian foreign minister tours Latin America as leaders demand “profound reform” of global institutions

Sergei Lavrov visited Cuba, Venezuela, and Brazil during his week-long visit in the region where he met with authorities to discuss economic cooperation and strategies to overcome common challenges

Russia readies for a brave new world

Ukraine will remain a priority issue for Russia and that is one main reason why the Russian elite and the nation at large want Putin to remain in power until 2030

Arab-Iran amity is a geopolitical reality

President Ebrahim Raisi’s visit to Riyadh and the Iran-Saudi Arabia relationship is fast acquiring a qualitatively new level of solidarity in the context of the Palestine-Israel conflict

UNGA summit 2023 At UN General Assembly session, Global South leaders call for urgent reforms in multilateral institutions 

Reforms in multilateral institutions, both political and financial, must reflect the need of the changing world which is multipolar and against hegemonic practices, leaders from the Global South said at the UN General Assembly said

IMEC India-Middle East–Europe economic corridor is a geopolitical pipe dream

The bottom line is how the IMEC idea on paper can be turned into reality. Quite obviously, the IMEC is anchored on the old US geopolitical strategy of divide-and-rule in the Middle East. But the Western domination of the Middle East cannot be revived with the colonial era toolbox in the coming era of multipolarity

Venezuela and China strengthen ties on Maduro’s first visit in five years

The Global South socialist nations vowed to work to build multilateralism and support each other’s national development